"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 08

"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 08 name stories

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How I went from militant atheist to Bible lover
How to properly rebel
against your family

"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 08

I'd like to talk to you about rebellion, rising up against the system, revolutions, global change, and also:

"Becoming who you are"

For the past 14 years, I have been fascinated by the notion that there could be principles to help me determine the truth

As someone who comes from Venezuela, I have seen up close the reality of the so-called​ revolutions and rebellions

Today I thought it would be a good idea to talk about social revolutions in contrast to personal rebellions like the ones young people go through

At the age of 26 I had been living by myself in Berlin for nearly two years.

What no one tells you when you move into another country, is how long it takes until you feel at "home"

Between 5 and 10 years

I went from Venezuela to Berlin (Extremely opposite cultures) and after 1.5 years and a LOT of failures, I was impatient and angry

I let someone else's doubts seep into my mind and started to believe I was not doing well, when in reality I was.

I was stuck at the bottom of the hierarchy, and kept falling down regardless of what I did.

At this point, I had sent about 180 well-aimed​ and designed job applications and had received 0 answers.

I was about to develop a severe anxiety which made me unable to speak without stuttering like mad

Between the impatience, the lack of understanding and the unwillingness to take responsibility, I looked for something to blame

I began to nurture the idea that the reason I was suffering was because my religious upbringing had rendered me too naive and unprepared.

Or something along those lines.

For the next 6 months I found a purpose and became a sort of "militant Atheist" whose only goal was to debate and "hurt" anyone who believed.

Let me tell you what you should take from that story

1. It is normal and healthy to rebel

During the late teens and early twenties, you are trying to forge your personal identity

You suddenly "wake" up and realized that your family, society and school had you oppressed to the point of ignorance

In the next phase, you break out of the structures in which you were born, and deny and push away your traditions and core believes.

if done right, it is a healthy thing that everyone should go through.

Once you get far enough from everything you know, you start to realize who you truly are.

You will never find out who you are, unless you move away to a completely new environment​ and culture

Because you need the contrast

The last step is the most beautiful one. It is when you realize the value of your own customs and traditions

The sign of being a grown-up is when you WILLINGLY adopt your own traditions and customs and infuse new life into them.

So what does this have to do with social revolutions and the like?

There are people who get stuck in the "revolution" phase and instead of realizing it is a personal journey, they make it about the society

These are the people who look at life in terms of GOOD vs EVIL

Life is not GOOD vs EVIL and any attempt at explaining it in such a way will weaken your character and make you a target for manipulation

It is the arrogance of the intellect that makes people think they will bring about a revolution and make it all "right" with the world

The reason people get behind the revolutionary types is because they love the idea of not being the person responsible for their own life

people do NOT like truth, people do NOT like to take responsibility for their life because it is a huge burden.

Social revolutions are not the way because:

Society is complex beyond imagination and if we destabilize it with violence...

The moment you remove the "buffer" that society is, you create an opportunity for repressed resentment to surface and take over people

We always end up killing millions and millions of people.

But there are revolutions which worked and were actually necessary, right?

Not really. What happened in the cases in which the "revolution" worked, was that the society was already 99% ready for the change to occur.

And then a last confrontation takes place and the battle becomes a SYMBOLIC representation of the change

For example the Rosa Parks story. That becomes a symbol of the change that was already taking place.

Symbols are very important but we tend to believe that they are the sole creators of the change.

For example: Steve Jobs is a symbol for everything that Apple created, but behind him is an unimaginable set of events and people.

But human beings like symbols ^^

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