"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 03

"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 03 cat stories

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There is something rotten
in Commaful
RosEd becomes a company today

"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 03

Today I want to talk about something that is very dear to my heart, it is the reason I decided to start RosEd

Today I want to share with you some bits of my story, and then explain the actions I am taking to do fix it

I met her four years ago.

I had a series of VERY intense spiritual experiences shortly before that time.

I thought I was "awaken" because I was suddenly plunged into a state of bliss that lasted for about a month.

I was naturally higher than anyone should ever be.

I was so "high" people really thought I was on drugs.

I had experiences like this before and they had lasted for about 30 minutes which is absurdly long.

During that time I was aware of the fact that the feeling of "high" would eventually settle and go away

That experience of love and bliss was also in contrast to the hell I had been in three years prior.

After being locked in my place with no partners and no friends for about 3 years, this happened and I decided to start going out again.

This was the first time I started to truly mess with strong drugs, things that most people here would not even know the name of.

But I didn't do it to hurt myself or anything like that. I was exploring a side of life​ and of this city which I did not know before.

The party scene in Berlin is something special, and when you first get there you can not believe a place like that could even exist.

Now that I think about it... It is a lot like Commaful...

The experiences were incredible. The speed at which you could connect with a stranger when you are both on drugs, it's instantaneous.

After having not connected with anyone for about three years, I was HUNGRY for connections and I got as many as I possibly could.

When the effect wore off I was still high, I was still full of love and I still felt connected to all those people.

But they didn't.

The person I had an amazing conversation with for about 2 hours, was suddenly not high anymore.

He or she wouldn't even look at me anymore.

While I was in those places and everyone looked so DAMN happy...

I remember having to do constant breathing exercises to ground myself

Eventually,​ I realized that these party places, with their dimmed lights, and all those hip and cool people, was a place full of lies...

Just like here

JUST like everywhere else.

Commaful is full of lies, and we all feel it, but we don't know it because we think WE are the crazy ones.

We also do not want to admit it because we are so hungry for a "safe space" we are willing to close our eyes and pat each other in the back for how great it is

It is fascinating to me how high people can get on the idea that they are Compassionate and loving and kind

When in reality they are resentful, jealous and simply afraid of anything that resembles a confrontation.

you are not a good person unless you are strong enough to tell someone you care about that they are making a wrong choice or acting like an idiot.

Pretending that everything is fantastic will only make it very easy to the wolf and the snakes to get in bed with you.

Btw, we got a TON of snakes and creeps in here of all kinds.

Just saying...

The truth is, this site, is JUST like the real world. It looks special, and it is, but it is not the exception to everything else.

Too many people on this site realized that victimizing themselves and making excuses out of their obstacles and personal challenges is something we applaud.

Others leave comments and drop likes with the hope that others will return the "favor" and the whole thing turns into a group jerk off where everyone is saying how amazing everyone is.

Honestly, FUCK THAT and that fuck that recent piece about how great Commaful is.

MAKE Commaful great, don't just close your eyes and pretend it is.

I am not saying people here are not AMAZING, I am saying people here are: PEOPLE

Because we want to insist that this place is "different" we are allowing very bad individuals to lurk around and have free reign.

Maybe you have seen it, maybe you have not, MAYBE you were one of those people who I blasted in a comment for trying to be cute with me

I dislike confrontation, it makes my stomach curl, but if you want to know why this place is burning you out, is because you are participating in lies.

The only point I want to make here is: Your intuition is 100% right. There is something rotten in Commaful

and guess what? I don't care

Because if I have to be the only one who goes around spilling the most intimate truths and calling people on their BS to bring order...

I will do that all-day​ long

And it is your choice whether you want to pollute it or help a brother clean it a bit.

What is RosEd?

RosEd is a company which will dedicate itself to speak the truth, no matter the degree of it.

Truth that nurtures the courage to do what is necessary and right.

Because everyone here thinks that supporting the victims and the complainers is the right thing to do

But all you are doing is enabling their actions which gain the​ attention and excuse their behavior.

and I got no judgment towards you for that...you have to be a real fucking monster to walk away from someone who can't be helped

I know that EXTREMELY well....but this is why you MUST join me to grow your courage.

because one day, you will fall in love with someone who you care about MORE than about yourself...

And that relationship will likely kill you, or leave you so jaded that you won't be able to ever trust again.

In RosEd you'll grow the courage and the skills to properly express your truth and inspire others to do so

I am offering you redemption.

Because when you admit your past and become strong enough to grow from it and then share it...

One person who is now going through that same hell, he or she will read it and get a sudden ray of hope from it.

You might get a message one day that says how your story gave them courage they needed to NOT end their life

You know that is the power of truth, you know I am not exaggerating a tiny bit.

I am giving you a chance to turn all of your pain, shortcomings and mistakes, into your STRENGTHS.

What do you need to do to join us?

Simply DM me your e-mail and I will contact you soon with detailed instructions.

This is not a secret society

Expect everything to be public.

This offer will never expire

But right now I have the time to send personal videos and messages to the people who already joined me.

The more you wait, the more people have likely joined and the less time I will have.

oh and btw

This is a job you are applying for, not a program you need to purchase.

I am the person in charge the one who says what we do and where we go and MOST importantly, I am the person here to serve YOU

If you are ready to follow and put your shit in order. If you are ready to just go and not ask questions, come join us.

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