"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 02

"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 02 scene stories

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This is the best piece I have ever written
How to make people weak / how to truly empower woman
"Speak the truth"

"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 02

What does it mean to influence someone else?

Some people act as if influencing someone else meant to control their actions

If you only care about controlling the actions of someone else, I am going to tell you exactly how you can do this and it works 100% of the times.

All you need to do ...

i s

i s m a k e

i s m a k e t h e m

i s m a k e t h e m w e a k

How do you make someone weak?

Making people weak is easy because most people do not lead their own life.

Instead,​ we lean on the systems that our society provides

For example: You were miraculously born into a society that had already come up with the concept of personal freedom, family, education, jobs and INTERNET

The tampon, the birth pill, correct sanitary conditions for birth, washing machines, dishwasher, electricity, electric kitchens

Just to point out 0.0000001% of the miracles of modern our modern societies.

And as I point out all of the inventions that allowed women to have the options and time that they have today

I can't help but wonder what kind of mind would look at those things and say:

"Well, the history of the world is basically men oppressing women."

While casually avoiding the fact that over 75% of the people who die violent deaths, are in jail, are homeless and die in wars are...men...

And it's even better because no men would look at those numbers and say:

"How come we are not sending women to die in wars or do dangerous jobs?"

Keep that in mind as we go on

You could have easily been born in a time when all we had were knifes made out of stone and you were at the ​mercy of nature and not cozy in your brick wall house.

And yet, most of us are not only incapable​ of feeling grateful for those things, we actively look for that which doesn't work the way we expect it, and COMPLAIN

The more I think about it, the more my mind is blown at how much power we have to make ourselves miserable.

The reason you are in pain, the reason you wake up and you are not exploding with gratitude, might actually be your responsibility...

Maybe you followed the path that other unhappy people walked and you ended up exactly where they are.

Maybe the reason why those people are so convinced that the world is ONLY bad, and unfair is because it gives them a way out from the pain

Because it is a lot easier to double down on your wrong doings than it is to admit that you had and still have the power to view things as you will.

So, how do you make a person weak?

1. You tell them exactly what they want to hear.

1. You tell them exactly what they want to hear. 2. You never say anything that might hurt them.

1. You tell them exactly what they want to hear. 2. You never say anything that might hurt them. 3. You support them whenever they blame the outside world.

Why does this work SO well?

For starters, it is EXACTLY what populists & authoritarian dictators have always done to gain control.

We would ALL love to believe that Hitler was a bad a guy.

but the thing that he did was listen to the crowd and tell them what they wanted.

What he did was poke at the unconscious darkness that humans being make themselves willingly blind to...

We are ALWAYS at danger of falling down that cliff if enough people are not willing to face and speak their truth.

What is really happening when we blame others, or bend and twist the truth a little bit?

What is truth?

The truth is when you are willing to swear, on your mothers and children life that your intention is as pure as it can be right now

And that you are speaking the best possible truth that you currently have access to.

And that if you were somehow not being 100% honest, your children and family would pay for it with their life.

In that sense, the truth is subjective. The truth is the best possible thing that you can do right now.

So long as you ALWAYS do the best possible thing that you can do right now, this is how reality will look:

You'll notice that the grid is equally spaced and it feels good and calming.

That reality is the "lens" or rather the filter through which your senses interact with the real world.

When your conscious is clear because you are always doing your absolute best to speak your truth, this is what happens:

That is not a man in Jail, btw that simply means that you can use the grid to measure analyze​ and correctly feel the person who is in front of you.

Under these circumstances, you can trust your "intuition" 100% because you know it is giving you reliable info.

But what happens when a person is not as courageous as they could be when it comes to truth?

Or even worse, what happens when they consciously or unconsciously avoid the truth and speak lies?

They twist the very fabric of reality around them and this is how it looks:

What do you feel when you see that picture?

Let me show both of them:

As I write this slide I can feel how your stomach will twist as you realize the truth behind these words.

You just realized that the reason you are feeling so anxious and afraid, is because you allowed lies and half-truths to twist your reality

That means that you can not trust yourself, your intuition and you can not trust others.

Because you are made to be a nurturer, a home maker and a giver of life; your safety and most importantly, the safety of your baby depends on your ability to see truth.

If you can not tell bad from good, you and your family are in danger.

You might not have a family yet, but your body is wired for it and will act as if.

You are anxious and suffering because life is not fair, that is true. But maybe, your suffering has turn into hell, because you allowed the snakes to come in.

This is why Mary, the archetypical ideal mother is standing on the snakes head:

This is what religion deals with. Religion deals with ideals and abstract concepts that are meant to show people where to aim at.

As a woman, you are called to become the type of person who can squish the snakes head and keep that baby alive at all costs.

In order to do that you must also learn how to properly channel the aggression inside of men so that they will provide and protect you and the child.

Because the child represents possibility, potential, innocence and these are the things we all die for.

So, stop focusing on what others are doing or not doing, and become the woman who calls forth the type of world that you want to live in.

And ALL you need to do

i s

i s s p e a k

i s s p e a k t h e

i s s p e a k t h e t r u t h

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