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Why you should consider "Made in Abyss"

Today's post will be short.

There is a show I saw about a year ago called: Made in Abyss

It's an anime

I should make clear that I am not a fan of anime, or of anything really. But I do love a good story and this one is remarkable.

Not bad scores, I'd say.

The reason I am recommending it is because recent events at Commaful made me think of it, over and over again; so that I felt compelled to share it and see who likes it.

From my amateur perspective I thought it was so carefully and perfectly crafted. It's sort of becoming a gold standard for me.

It deals with extremely serious topics and the show get's very dark towards the end of the first season.

The ambiguity of the narrative and the choices that the characters make...nothing is ever how it seems at first.

It also seems completely unpretentious and humble while somehow feeling epic at the same time.

It also manages (for me) to feel both foreign and deeply personal at the same time.

I read a review of the first episode which helped understand the level of masterpiece that had been achieved;

detailing how the creators managed to do a near perfect set up of the story by making a very creative use of the visual elements.

anyway, it is only 13 episodes and the link is in the description

Have a nice day!

oh and the Story Jam#3 if you don't know about it come take part of it. Check out the link below! Deadline is Sunday at midnight

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