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Can you help me?
I am in the process of nominating my sister for the "30 under 30" by Forbes magazine. She is an absolute inspiration.

I used Lindsey Stirling (Crystallize)

This is a piece for her.

more details at the end. Thank you for reading!

U n l i m i t e d -

A place defined by knowledge

A place defined by knowledge enclosed in the unusual,

A place defined by knowledge enclosed in the unusual, held in place by sensible grind.

Threatened by the fear of light

Threatened by the fear of light and the pain of being burned

by things...

by things... from which she frights.

The end.

What did you think? So let me tell you a few things about my sister that might be interesting for you.

(We used to play this thing in which we pretended to be a midget Those are my hands)

Back in school she made class delegate because everyone loved her so damn much. On top of that she always got excellent grades.

I remember seeing gifts made by her classmates and thinking: "Wow..how in the world?" Because during those years I was a total outcast, which made the constrast quite stark.

On top of that, she always got excellent grades! And even got in trouble for smuggling vodka in bottles of water...so she is no saint ;)

One thing which still impresses my mother to this day was how unrelenting she was whenever she wanted something.

At the age of 15 she organized an entire trip to Europe with her friends. From daily activities to flights, hotels and food costs.

I remember my mom telling me: "I am terrified of letting her go but she organized the thing so perfectly and sensibly in terms of cost, that she made it impossible for me not to agree"

She left our country a few months before I did, back in 2010. We were more or less escaping the situation in our land (Venezuela)

She had to cut her Bachelor short and was forced to delay her studies for nearly two years while transitioning from one country to the other.

Instead of sitting around, she enrolled in a Business Adm. BA and did two years before re- starting her Industrial engineering studies.

She decided to pursue both courses. Mind you, they took place on completely unrelated universities!

From 8 am to 2 pm she would attend the business school and from 3 pm to 8 pm she would attend Engineering. Those are 16 hour work days for 4-5 years

She had to juggle the different schedules, and negotiate the exam dates and do all kinds of magic to finish both studies.

She does all that and still ends first of her class in the business school...

When she get's out she interns at two large corporations and eventually lands in a program for Amazon.

From then on it's just being a meteoric rise. At 29 she has over 2000 people who report to her!

It's a bit like this: Under her are 5 managers, and each of those managers have 6 managers under them and each of those 6 have 70-80 storehouse employees.

She is working in Logistiks and is currently (most likely) the youngest person to ever reach her position.

She is currently in France working on the restructuration of a plant, while simultaneously doing her masters degree... 0.o

The position in which she is right now is one which takes about 10 years to reach. Do you know how long it's taken her?

Guess :P

About 4 and half years... She is over twice as fast as the average Amazon Manager. Mind you, very few people can be a manager at a corporation like that.

A part from that she knows all about what is happening in our family (unlike myself).

Growing up we fought a lot. She wanted a lot of my time and attention and I was too caught up in my own head to really care about her.

I was an asshole, basically.

For the past few years it has become extremely important for me to reignite a propper relationship with my sister.

There is this incredible opportunity to present her case and make her feel truly seen and redeemed.

Something like this is extremely motivating to me and I want to make sure I do everything to properly and justly present her to the judges.

Also, we are first generation inmigrants who went back to europe due to the terrible situation in Venezuela.

She landed in Spain and I went to Berlin, as some of you know.

One thing that I can tell you for sure is this: Nothing can prepare you for how insanely difficult it is to start a new life on your own in a different continent.

That alone is impressive in ways which can not be properly explained.

Despite of all those challenges, she is there and is being supported and encouraged by everyone around her.

Her life has not being without challenges, I can assure you. The cost for being THAT driven can be too much for most.

So, how could you help me?

Ask me questions, give your opinions, tell me what you liked or did not like. What call your attention the most? What would you want to know more about?

It would mean the world to me if you guys help me get this thing for her <3

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