This is the BEST time in history - Part 3
This is the BEST time in history - Part 3 book stories

rosarlei 👊
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My best attempt at giving you hope and strength

This is the BEST time in history - Part 3

Despite of the tone I used, I am not exaggerating or trying to be pessimistic about the nature of life

As I said before, I can not believe that I am lucky enough to be healthy, and able to clean tables and bring you the food

But it is important that we understand the odds that we are playing against here

At ANY given moment, you get two consecutive calls:

The first one says that your test came back and you now have stage 2-3 cancer

The other call says that the person you loved the most was found murdered

That raises two questions:

Based on how strong your character is: how good are your chances of surviving and making it alive?

It seems to me that if you are not scared out-of-your mind at the possibility of those things happening, you don't have gratitude

If you don't have gratitude for the unmanifested hell, then you are waiting for tragedy to maul you

Either because you have strong people around you to pick you up, or you are making yourself blind to the situation.

Despite how bad would it be to suffer those events, my question to you is:

Are you OK with your life going to hell that way, along with the ones who love you who get to watch as you are pulverized?

yikes...I am so grim today... but am I? Can you feel the energy with which I am writing this?

Because regardless of what I say, the truth is that I am bursting with love and gratitude.

I don't want you to wake up one day in regret, or in the wake of a tragedy out of which you can't get out

Because the truth is:

No matter how strong those around you are, they can not help you at all

It is and will always be you against the world.

The only time the entire world will support you, will be when you don't actually need the help

Life is judgemental God who makes and destroys you at it's will.

The only way to properly​ beat the game is to get to the place in which you willingly become a slave & sacrifice your life

That is what approximates the idea of Heaven and it is to be found in life

Not in the After

My message to you is:

See if you can live every day​ so that you are EAGER to to go to sleep

and remember the dreams you had

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