This is the BEST time in history - Part 2
This is the BEST 

time in history - Part 2 book stories
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You have a choice between terrible A and more terrible B

This is the BEST time in history - Part 2

The first thing I have to do is to redeem you in the place you are right now

At this moment you are working at 0.00001% of your capacity, which is the case for all of us

You are: 1. Not everything you could be right now 2. Not on the path that would develop yourself

That basically means that you are working at odds against yourself.

You are doing that because you are deathly afraid of what it means to develop your potential

And you should be, because you know perfectly well where that path leads to

We only need to look at some of the most popular archetypical characters that humans have portrayed in their stories

I am going to use the stories from the Bible because they are pertinent to my own culture and I understand them to some degree.

If you become the BEST version of yourself, you are the figure of Christ.

Christ is an archetype that presents what happens when a person becomes everything that they are meant to become:

Mainly, you are unjustly accused, betrayed by those you love most and publically killed in the most horrible way.

If you are the father (God) you watch as your son is suffering and you hold yourself from intervening

If you are the mother (Mary) you willingly give birth to your child and you raise him or her so that they become their absolute best

and you do it with the full knowledge that one day you will be holding the pieces of that child after the world is done with it

And if you know what I know today, you will be eager to do exactly those things, and that is because:

Those things are but a very small price to pay for not developing​ the infinite potential you have within you

and I mean this is the most pragmatical way possible.

Undeveloped potential collapses on itself and places the human imagination at service of Evil

You only need to spend about 2 minutes on Youtube watching videos of Unit731 to get an idea of what I mean

We think that the stories told by religious texts are archaic and primitive, written by fanaticals who wanted to have power and control

In truth, we are trust-fund kids who do not understand the REAL world from which our unearned wealth is protecting us.

If you grab a book like: "The Gulag Archipelago" you'll realize that the thing keeping you and all of us from hell is paper-thin​.

You'll see that the character is the only thing that has any value to you and to all of us

The problem is that you have to sacrifice your entire life and be serious about it, before you can even get started on that path

And once you start to travel through it, mistakes and sins get more expensive and your freedom narrows and ALL is your fault

Life becomes a desert I guess, but if you can survive it and make it through to the other side, than you might have a real chance at skipping

h e l l

Because you WILL be betrayed, and you will have no power as you watch your loved ones be killed,

and when that day comes, and you are in hell, you will wish you had spent​ your time building the character necessary to withstand life

Because if you do, then you won't have to be the victim or witness.

You might even be the person who helps others survive and escape the hell of their own making.

Why would you want to do anything else except that?

to be continued...

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