There is only ONE correct way -
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rosarlei 👊
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How to work correctly and why work is so important.

There is only ONE correct way -

We are in need of creating a new way to conceptualize work

The reason is because we have created abundance and comfort to the point to the point it hurts us

And it hurts us BADLY, because we are turning society into an over- protective mother

That is made evident by the way we talk and act.

Our conversations tend towards complaining and lack of rights

Everyone wants the world to get "safer" but no one speaks about getting strong

We making ourselves fat, lazy, entitled and soft by an "evil witch" that lives in a ginger house

Except we are the ones who gladly sit and consume without given anything back.

It used to be that working was something you HAD to do in order to eat and stay alive

And it used to be that we we didn't have the options we have today

If we look at how we spend our days and what we think about, it seems crazy to talk about "depression" as a disease,

Or the fault of "social media"

If you spend 8 hours a day NOT wanting to do work, and wishing to be elsewhere

Then you spend 3-4 hours eating, except you are not really paying attention to it

You don't really sleep well either and the rest of your time is spent thinking about what others think of you...

How the hell are people NOT going to be sad or nihilistic?

Of course,​ we are flocking towards pornography and video games

You need to educate yourself on how to have a life that is not hell.... it doesn't JUST happen.

You can not destructively criticize​ the world around you, strip it of all meaning and pretend you can still live well.

and btw, when are we going to be done with the women as victims BS that we can not seem to get enough of?

I understand how it came to be fashionable to bash "men" and masculinity as the evil of society

But to take that seriously, and not feel into the consequences of that BS?

Women are human beings, and as such, JUST as capable​ of being monsters

If we tell young men that is bad to be a man and we don't show them how to be a proper male,

And then we take young women and basically say to them: "Do whatever you want"

"You are not responsible for the things that happen to you, it is all the fault of "Toxic Masculinity""

What you get is what we have right now, which is entitled young girls who have no idea how to behave

Christ...I don't even know how I got to that topic.... So, work, let's talk about it:

Work, when done correctly is a transcendental act which has the purpose of maintaining the world

It doesn't make a difference if you sweep streets, or wash dishes or do someone else's taxes

Through work done well we communicate to the reality around us and we pay our respect

You can conceptualize that reality in ANY way you please; call it God, the universe, Gaia or whatever man...

The point is that the work is the activity through which we are called to extract meaning from the act itself

It is another way of saying that work is it's own reward, and that is in part because,

we intuitively know that we need to constantly bring back the Order into a world that tends towards constant Chaos.

Work, when done well, is also what grows and gives new life to our Character, strength and will power.

And the reason that is important is because we are as vessels that are constantly being possessed​ by spirits of all kinds

Among the most dangerous "spirits" society identified 7 which Christianity​ called "Seven Deadly Sins"

The reason we want to keep those things under control is because they degenerate our beings

That degeneration causes our capacity for infinite potential to collapse on itself and it creates some really scary shit...

One of the things it will do is give birth to systems that efficiently and creatively torture and murder human beings by our own hands.

By the fucking dozens of millions...and why do we still call those places "Work" camps...

They were unimaginable places-of-torture-camps

We have to rebrand the word "work" asap...

So, learn to love the work you do, wtv it may be

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