"There are things you MUST do" - Day 16

"There are things you MUST do" - Day 16 fifth stories
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Lies smell of rotten eggs
The fifth element = love?

"There are things you MUST do" - Day 16

To me, truth has become something which is binary

Like any over simplification; it is a TOOL and must be used at your own discretion

To correctly move and flow and flow in the world, you need to understand how to use several levels of magnification

What is the case for most?

Most people view depending on what is generally happening , or their personality, and recent events

For example: A person who has recently experiences betrayal, will tend to make the world into good vs evil or black and white

But will do so unconsciously and will suffer the result of being so inflexible

You want to use the truth in order to develop your character so that you can decide which resolution,

to use when you are trying to make sense of reality.

Sometimes you'll want to use your eyes, and other times you'll want a telescope or a microscope.

But you need to know when to use which.

When should the concept of truth be used as binary?

Let's supposed I want to build a Door and install it on my log cabin

To get the wood I will have to do two things:

1. Identify the right tree to cut

2. Use the right tool to bring it down as effectively as I can

Before taking my axe to it, I have to make sure I can "see" which one is the right tree

Failing to speak and act on the truth will cause you to cut the wrong tree.

Maybe one on which a family of birds is nested

To bring the tree down you must be precise and skilled to do it with the least amount of pain and energy

Truth will increase your ability to correctly feel into yourself and others, so that your actions cause the least amount of pain possible to create the change you want

In that sense, the axe is a binary way of getting at the truth. In that moment you ONLY care about bring down the tree.

The next thing we will do is to cut the tree into planks which can be used to make the basic door shape

This process requires tools which are more precise than a basic two-handed axe

This is the same process you use when you are trying to carve yourself into something which more resembles your potential and ideal

Once you have a door which is good ENOUGH, you need to install it and test it

This is the part about taking action into the world as soon and as often as you possibly can in order to test out your theories

There is no point is trying to make the door "pretty" or spending more time working on it, if it does NOT serve it's basic purpose

The basic purpose of a door is that you can decide what you let IN and what you push OUT

When a person says they are a "perfectionist" as an excuse to NOT put out their creation

It often means that they are afraid of that creation failing, and what that would mean to their self image

There is nothing wrong with that, so long as you realize for yourself what the reason truly is

"You should never sacrifice what you COULD be in the future, for what you are today"

If you were able to make a door that works well for your particular house,

And you have also installed other basics, such as: Windows, floors, furniture etc..

You are now reaching the point when you can start to think about making the door into a work of art.

The most common of human behaviors is the act of "Fronting" or "Pretending"

Fronting means that you find a shortcut to put a beautiful door into your log cabin,

So that others will perceive you as someone who has reached the level of a person who CAN have such a door

That is the definition of living a lie and it completely weakens your character.

What I find most interesting is that you can only fool those who are also living in their own lies and will not see it

But the 1% who lives and dies by their truth, will see your door and immediately be appalled by the reality

Which is that they can perfectly see that your house is in complete ruins, and that causes you to lose all respect

The rotten smell of Butane is something that was fabricated in order to let us know when there is a gas leak

People who live and die by their truth, can smell the stench of lies, while others wander aimlessly into a house which is about to explode.

To summarize: Truth creates order which creates tools to act in the world

Beauty and perfection are the natural result of a highly evolved order and or truth.

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