"There are things you MUST do" - Day 15

"There are things you MUST do" - Day 15 polish stories
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You are going to REALLY like this story.
I got some really good inspiration today ^^

"There are things you MUST do" - Day 15

If you are suffering in a way that seems meaningless, MAYBE it is because you have not tried everything yet

Life is so motherfuckingly and insanely complex, I really wonder how any of us can think that we deserve anything

Let me show you what I mean:

Many of you think badly about yourself

You feel that things are unfair, and would love for the world to change so that "others" feel better.

You want bullying to stop, but you do not encourage the "victims" to get stronger or to stand up for themselves.

You act under the assumption that there are "victims" and "oppressors​" because that is what you hear on the news

The people who explain the world in terms of "victims" and "oppressors" are :

1. Unaware of how to empower themselves

2. Trying to make you weak by saying that the reason you suffer is because you are the victim of outside forces

You feel so much!... that you are convinced that the reason you feel bad is because everyone else does

which has an element of truth

You have entered a relation of codependence with the entire world that says:

"I won't feel good until you do."

How do you manage to think you are not good enough and still come up with the idea of changing the world?

Most likely, you don't even make your bed properly, let alone have your life under any form of control, but you want to change the world?

I'll tell you a secret: Every wish you have, including the one about helping others and changing the world

Are GOOD things to have, and we all have them un one way or another, but having an IDEA is not the same as being able to carry it OUT

An idea is 0.0000000001% of the process that is necessary to bring it into existence.

It's not wrong to want to "kill the Dragon", it's just that you can barely crawl yet.

Which means that you are delusional because you do not understand, yet, where you stand in relation to the world

Of course you are confused...

Human being have been trying to figure out life for MILLIONs of years.

You are so confused that unless I tell you things in the most perfect way possible, you will get angry and go away

Today I want to give you one idea which came about in a conversation I was having with a dear friend.

Whatever you are, the fact is that you are constantly moving across the plane of reality

IDEALLY​, you move in a way that creates a beautiful pattern which ebbs and flows, like so:

At the same time you are a spiral that opens and closes in order to keep and gain the momentum going

When you stand back to look at the pattern, you can conceptualize it as something you know from nature...

Now we have taken the abstract concept of who you are, and we placed it inside of the body of a predator...

now we have to give you a way to interact with the world and take action in it:

So we take that snake and give it hands which it can use to grab things and interact with the world

Does that seem familiar?

But what happens is that you go around as this "dragon" and you are flying around the world and you do what?

You don't just fly with no aim or purpose, otherwise what would be the point of being a DRAGON..?

So what do you do?

1. You let your ATTENTION guide you to the place where your ACTIONS are required

2. Because you represent the bringer of order, the creator, your job is to manifest order out of the chaos.

Your job is to take on the formless world and turn it into something you can use to make the world better

Your ATTENTION will be drawn to those places where CHAOS is taken over...

Why dust? Because for dust to accumulate, all we need to do is NOT take action

In our bodies we KNOW that "accumulated dust", which is the same as untold truth, unexplored territory...

Has the potential to turn from a small problem into one which is impossible to deal with and will therefore​ kill us

look at what humans beings are always doing everywhere:

We admire the people who do that because it takes skill, patience, courage, and power to do so

The IDEAL mode of being then is to become the flying dragon monster which goes all over and CLEANS the world

Because the only way to know where you ARE, where we are GOING and where the DANGER is...

is with a clean glass

I can prove it to you: Check out how you feel with Picture A in contrast to Picture B

Picture A

Picture B

The first one makes you feel anxious because it activates systems inside of you which yell: DANGER!

What happens when you do not take responsibility for your own life?

Instead of flowing with the world like so:

You wonder aimlessly like so:



So what happens to the pretty spiral when we let go and don't take action?

unrelenting and meaningless SUFFERING

What happens when we embody that mode of being?

We become a formless being, a blob, a monster.

We are almost done here, you are doing very well!

What can you do NOW to move your life away from senseless suffering?

The problem you have right now is that you don't like yourself and you spend 95% of your time focused on you

That makes your life a living hell, obviously.

You are the dragon who wants polish itself because it thinks it's dirty.

But your hands are SO tiny that you can NOT reach your body

so you grow angry, resentful and frustrated.

What you need to do is AVOID inaction by filling your day with good and positive action.

But because you do not know what that is, you need to go back to the basics

and simply take that towel and literally start to polish the world around you.

I bet you anything you want that if you stand up now, and clean your room a tiny bit, you will feel less anxious.

That is because the act of cleaning your room is NOT just cleaning your room

It is the literal act of: 1. Spotting chaos 2. Taking action to bring order to it.

That is the SAME thing as the knight that ventures into the dark cave to slay the dragon!

We slay the dragon to get the gold!

it means we take action based on what our attention is presenting to us and we face it and we get a BIG prize​ for it

When you clean, you are not just cleaning, you are paying respects to the world around you which serves you.

When you clean, you are like the action hero who is training himself for the moment when he is called to action

The hero does not fear the monster, nor death

The hero fears the regret that he can potentially experience if he fails at slaying the dragon

Because he knows he should have prepared better, and pay way more attention to what was going on around.

The only thing you need to be TERRIFIED to death of is regret.

Because regret, literally is a living hell which feels like it lasts for eternity

and the way to land yourself in that hell is by breaking the rules and not acting on what you know to be right.

Stop reading and go clean ^^

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