"There are things you MUST do" - Day 12

"There are things you MUST do" - Day 12 uncle stories

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How to get back out of it.

"There are things you MUST do" - Day 12

I know that almost no one here knows what feeling like shit feels like, but I thought I would talk about it today

I feel like shit today, I really do but I am also extremely excited right now...

My feeling got worse when I realized​ I had 0 energy and very little time to write before I had to leave for work

I thought to myself: "How am I going to be of any good to anyone feeling this?"

Then I thought: "Why not come out and say it?"

"Why not do what alchemists and poets do and turn shit to gold"?

I am not going to turn shit to gold here, because I am neither an alchemist, nor a poet, but I will do my best to make shit stink less

I felt way better as soon as I got myself into action. Sometimes​, you have to push yourself a bit and see if it works

I wrote my goals down and felt better, than I made coffee and that too felt good.

Then I wrote one of the Bitesize Truths and suddenly the ball was rolling again.

It was a big game of listening to myself and taking short steps forward.

When you feel angry, or sad or even depressed, try to get curious about it instead of annoyed.

Getting curious about it will shift you into a mode in which you engage with the emotion actively

You love to write, so of course you are going to experience a wide range of emotions.

Your job is not to spill them out and cry. Your job as a writer is to make something unique and beautiful out of shit.

Last thing I will say is: If you are not writing and doing something creative, do not sit down & waste away

Go get yourself a job of the manual labor kind. Go clean around the house, go interact with the dirt of the world...

There is NO difference between cleaning and airing your house and your mind.

There is a reason I work 120 hours as a waiter and spend every single bit of time I have left on creating this content

If I did not work all those other hours, I would not be able to make all the videos and stories

And remember that no one cares, not even a tiny bit, if you just "don't feel like it"

Become the aunt or the uncle that you and your family can be proud of and look up to.

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