The Rosarlei Show (Part 9)

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Let's get this mf going, shall we?
We discuss what technology is
The pity party stops today

The Rosarlei Show (Part 9)

The first thing you need to be conscious and aware of is the general state of things

Let's get started:

What is technology?

Technology is ANYTHING which allows you to obtain a result in a more efficient manner.

It is first a technique for the mind and then it can become an actual object which we create, like a Tampon.

Why is technology good?

One the one hand, it is a way for human beings to show respect for the world in which they live in. (And it's materials)

When a technology is used as a way to honor the material world, we refer to it as a ritual.

This applies to how we make food, furniture, shoes, tea, anything really.

A master is a person who can treat a material in the most efficient and honorable way possible.

The "ideal" use of technology combines efficiency with love and respect in order to turn a material into a finished product.

What comes before that level?

The problem is that becoming a master is something that VERY few people can do

There are not enough masters to feed and cloth the entire world. Which is why we need to make compromises.

Let's talk about the mass-produced​ goods

When the situation is: Food or NO food, it doesn't matter HOW you make it

The solution needs to come y e s t e r d a y

Starving is simply not an option.

As societies grew larger we realized that technology was notjust a way to transform and honor the material world around us

we realized that technology was also a way to eliminate UNNECESSARY suffering.

In Buddhism, The First Truth is that suffering, pain, and misery exist in life

But how much is too much? Well, if people are starving to death, that is definitely TOO much suffering and we need to address it.

Technology will initially​ come in and smooth out the metaphorical or literal obstacle which keeps the person from staying alive.

Technology will be applied to the obstacle (blue) and something like this might be the result:

As you can see, the obstacle has been "nerfed". There are steps now and all the spikes are hidden under curves.

Was this too much? Maybe yes, maybe not. For some it will be too much for others it won't be enough.

But Ros, how the heck is this relevant to the power of a woman?

We are getting there.

What is the price we pay for the miracle of technology?

As far as I can tell, there are two ways in which we pay a price for the benefit that technology can give to us:

1. Not enough suffering

Suffering is good, is real, it keeps us attentive and reminds us to be grateful.

Suffering is what allows us to truly value the good, the peace, the order etc...

When we don't have enough suffering we become: E n t i t l e d

To feel entitled to ANYTHING is a huge liability, weakness and disadvantage for any human being.

Entitlement implies the believe that we have a "right" to certain things.

The topic of "rights", such as civil rights and all of it, is not something we will get into in this piece.

When I refer to "rights" I do not talk in political terms, but in more abstract and metaphysical terms.

As a human being, we don't really have ANY rights at all because the mere fact that we are still alive, and that we exist is a MIRACLE.

Even if you have no legs, no arms and can not speak and hear, you are still alive and you exist and that is a miracle.

If mere existence is a miracle a gift and not a "right", that means that you don't have a right to anything in life.

It is harsh to hear at first but this is a truth which will undoubtedly make you stronger because it eliminates all of the false expectations.

And you might argue that certain types of suffering make life NOT worth living.

In the midst of real suffering this is a real thing and I am not here to make it wrong, because I have felt that very often.

But plenty of human beings who have experienced unimaginable horrors and tragedies​ have come out of them filled with gratitude

The reason why I want to convince you that you don't have a right to anything, is because this is the first step to REAL power.

Real power can and will only be manifested through the voluntary adoption of responsibility.

I'll say that again: REAL power is earned, and obtained when we make the conscious decision to take responsibility for our life.

ANY person who talks to you about rights without bringing up the topic of responsibility is either a fool, or someone trying to MANIPULATE you.

Summary: Technology is a way for us to obtain a result. Advance in technology are measured in terms of speed and cost reductions.

It is good to reduce speed and costs because it allows us to smooth out unnecessary suffering which kills people.

But too much speed and little cost can by pass suffering and make us lose our connection to the real world and make us feel entitled and weak.

In the next part we will talk about the ideas that emerge when the world becomes wealthy and how those ideas and technology have affected the REAL power or women.

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