The Rosarlei Show (Part 11)

The Rosarlei Show (Part 11) dictionary stories

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A three (3) part story
We finish this piece by talking about the ideal woman and the ideal man and how to strive towards it.
We also talk about the obstacles.

The Rosarlei Show (Part 11)

The way to give you real power is to offer you real feedback

You can not make decisions about who you are and what you are meant to do, unless you have the right information.

What constitutes the right information?

The right information must empower you to reach a goal which:

1. feels good

1. feels good 2. is GOOD for you

1. feels good 2. is GOOD for you 3. is Good for those around you

You can take ANY of the things I am saying and punch millions of holes to it because this is not an academic piece of work.

My intent is to offer you information which can elevate the emotions to give you the courage to take positive action.

I will never be perfect in my execution but I will do everything in my power to make sure that my intention is clear and virtuous.

let's get to it:

We have been discussing the positive and negative aspects of wealth and tech.

The problem with too much technology and not enough "rituals" is that we lose connection to reality:

We MUST become aware of the reality that exists beneath the comforts of technology.


Because doing so will allow us to experience true gratitude which fuels the goodness with us.

Also, technology and wealth can go away tomorrow and never come back​...

One day you are happy:

And the next ​day the bubble pops and:

So, the question is: Which forces are making you less aware of the reality?

Let me start by saying that the explanations I am giving you have an enormous LACK of detail.

I am painting a crude and low resolution reality akin to a stickman figure, because otherwise,​ this piece will be impossible to write.

One of the big vulnerabilities of economic growth and tech advancement is that we quickly forget how the world actually is.

We become comfortable, entitled and naive as a result of being overly sheltered and protected from suffering.

We are also MUCH more likely to be "compassionate" or rather, to feel guilty for having more than others do.

Because disparity and inequality is not something which happens in capitalism or in human societies.

let's take a small break:

You are doing VERY well, thank you for staying with me.

Breath, stretch and let's go:

Life is NOT fair by any means. We try to make it as fair but it is intrinsically NOT fair.

Our disconnection with reality and the increase in naivety makes us prone to be manipulated by the use of guilt.

We have all played the victim on our life's, but there are people who have become professionals at it.

These are the weak people for whom I have no concern.

Who are the weak that I talk about?

The weak are those who are never satisfied, always complain, are resentful, unskilled and feel that they have less because others have more.

There is a type of human being which looks at the world in terms of "victims" vs "oppressors".

We can not get into the details of it because it would take too much space.

The point is that these people will paint a picture of reality in which inequality is to be blamed on those who: "have more"

Basically, they will aim to retell the story of the world as a struggle, a battle between the Brave People and the Tyrannical Oppressor.

The biggest problem with that perspective is that it contains an undeniable element of truth, but it also tells a one-sided​ story.

The reason why the "victim" against "oppressor" narrative is so appealing is because it is, in a way, true.

Nature, society, family, work, and everything in life has an oppressive aspect to it.

The oppressive aspect of nature is the one that life and humans struggle against in order to grow and reach their potential.

Suffering is an oppressive​ force and it can certainly be seen as an enemy.

But once we overcome it we realize that we owe a big debt to that suffering.

Another reason why the "victim" and "oppressor​" narrative can be used to manipulate us is because:

it gives us a temporary way out of responsibility and the short term pain of facing the harsher truths.

it is very easy to know when a statement or story is aiming to manipulate you and take control FROM you.

It will paint you a story of "innocent good" with no responsibilities and a terrible evil upon which everything can be blamed.

By making you believe that you are powerless against these oppressive forces, they position themselves as those who can save you.

These are the ideas at the core of communism.

Keep in mind that this type of deception only works when societies become wealthy, complacent and naive...

How does this relate to you?

The technology of the pill gave women the freedom to take complete control of their reproductive activity.

It used to be EVERYONE's business but now it seems to be that you are alone in this.

It was indeed more oppressive in the past but that was not necessarily 100% negative.

As human beings we have the responsibility to learn how to use our powers

So, what happens is that women suddenly have the ability to have sex whenever and with whomever they want to have it.

I won't say that this is a good or a bad thing, but it is a new reality and it has important consequences.

Think about it for a moment: Not long ago, the capacity to reproduce was extremely dangerous and costly to women and it entailed a lot of dangers.

And suddenly one day, it almost all disappears​ completely and now pretty much every single woman has an enormous amount of power and freedom in their hands.

Well... with most people, if you give them a million $ they will most likely waste it or end up hurting themselves because they did not earn that power.

Am I saying that we should not have the pill or that we should take it away? Of course not!

But we need to start having the discussion and shine a light on the incredible struggle that women are facing today.

And that fact that this struggle calls women to grow and be WAY more than what they had to be in the past.

Because if you have enormous the power you have an equally large amount of responsibility, which means you need to step it up and cast away any thoughts that you are weak.

What I personally experienced from my intimate relationships from the past 10 years was: The women I was with, wanted the power they had with none of the responsibility.

That was a very obvious and important source for the personal suffering they experienced which of course also became mine.

And here is where we bring everything together:

If you have power that you have not learned how to control, and you are not getting the right feedback you are vulnerable to being manipulated.

And btw, if you are being manipulated, it is also on you. I am not here to blame others for the fact that you are being played with.

Remember how I mentioned that weak men will blame and resent women for their struggles and pain?

It turns out that weak women will do EXACTLY the same.

I am not going to generalize or cast stones, because it is not my intention at all. But let's imagine a woman whom was partly unlucky and partly irresponsible:

That woman is now 35 years old and has no family. Men will tend to prefer young women and her ability to have a family will go down.

And no, you can not use that statement to say that men are superficial, because no one is as ruthless as women when it comes to judging the worth of the opposite sex.

The matter of the fact is that the introduction of the Pill creates a lot of changes which bring about a lot of pain and sadness for us, specially for the women.

In a state of sadness and despair and confusion there are people who will exploit those feelings to introduce the "victim" against "oppressor​" narrative

Suddenly men, are the enemy and the ones that society blames for everything.

Out of nowhere the history of humankind is explained as men oppressing women

What is the aim of the people who introduce these narratives of "victims" vs "oppressors"?

They understandthat it does not take much energy to influence people by telling them ONLY what they want to hear.

Every single dictator and tyrannical regime that you can read about, whether right or left-winged has applied that exact same tactic.

To conclude: Ladies, if you wish to truly regain your power, you MUST shift your thinking into the domain of RESPONSIBILITY.

You have to realize that everyone has their pains, that life in not and will never ever be fair.

That your job is to nurture the courage to look at the things which make you weak and get rid of them.

That society needs you to be truly powerful and strong because you are the heart and the torso.

You need to understand that men are meant to be part of your body, the extremities.

That you are the only thing that matters to men. That men can only be as good as their ideal of a woman is.

Everything that I have become is the result of the image of the ideal woman that exists inside of me.

No accomplishment, no gift no power, no ability that I posses makes any sense unless it can make me feel worthy of the woman I aspire to.

Furthermore​, there is no bigger source of fear for a men than not having the strength to protect his partner and children, specially a daugher.

There is no human being that is more important to a man than his own mother and grandmother.

Women are everything to us.

Deep inside, this is what all men are truly about.

This is the potential that we must try to bring out.


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