The Rosarlei Show (Part 10)

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We talk about the impact of technology in women's suffering
We also talk about the role of men and women in society

The Rosarlei Show (Part 10)

If you have not read part 9 you might want to see that one first because this is a continuation.

but you don't really have to

In today's piece we will talk about the freedom that technology brings us and how it can work against us, especially for women.

In the previous piece we touched on the idea that technology can diminish suffering but it does so at the cost of making us feel connection to reality

Because suffering is part of life. We also mentioned that not enough pain and suffering can lead to us feeling entitled for things that we have not earned.

We have arrived at a point in history is which we need to become aware of the effects that too much technology can have on us.

By technology I mean wealth.

This is in NO way a bash against technology and wealth It is instead a call to make you more aware of the hidden costs that come with wealth and technology.

Let's talk about a critical piece of technology: The Birth Control Pill

The birth control pill is likely to be responsible for the greatest changes that we are experiencing in today's society.

But the history of this invention and the all the data is not the thing we will talk about, because this is completely out of my field of knowledge.

Instead, I want to bring your imagination to a time in which there were no reliable ways for you to prevent getting pregnant.

Think for a second about the incredible COST and risk that a woman faces when she becomes pregnant.

Beyond what the current societal views on it might be, being pregnant and giving birth can cost a woman her life.

Today's medical advances make it infinitely less likely that a woman will die while giving birth, but this is a miracle of modern times.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because many of you are too eager to bash the traditions and customs regarding the role of men and women in society without having any real knowledge of how things were.

it is easy to criticize your own society for behaving a certain way simply because it makes less sense in today's world.

That is a liability and a weakness for you because it makes you entitled and less empowered.

Let's bring back the topic of suffering.

Both women and men have historically made sacrifices in order to survive and bring children into the world.

Both genders made sacrifices according to their abilities, traits and responsibilities.

No ONE had it better or easier than​ the other. Men and women are different.

The point of the matter is that when it came to giving birth, women had to take on the biggest risks.

Big risk meant more suffering, but more suffering meant a different relationship to reality than​ the one you have today.


Because before we had contraceptive methods and tampons, a family had to be extremely protective and caring for their females.

Having fewer options was not necessarily a bad thing. As a creative, you surely understand that limitations can be powerful motivators.

TOO much freedom and power which was not earned can become the rope you use to hang yourself.

If you give your children more freedom and resources than they have earned, you will spoil them and inject all sort of entitlement in them.

So what is the point of this? The point is that very recent advances in medicine have DRAMATICALLY reduced the cost and suffering that women historically dealt with.

When you suddenly and abruptly reduce such a central aspect of a persons life, it comes with all kinds of consequences.

The key or major consequence of eliminating or greatly reducing suffering is: Entitlement

Women today are incredibly Entitled

I can prove it very easily:

How much of your inner dialogue is about "rights" and how much of it is about Duty and responsibility?

How many of the thoughts you have are "victim" thoughts and how many are "doer"?

How much time do you spend complaining (in your mind) VS how much time you spend feeling overwhelmed by gratitude?

Ladies: Human beings are comprised of Male and Female as two sides of a coin, as partners.

In the human beings body, the female is the torso, where the heart and the vital organs can be found.

The feminine energy which you as females represent, is responsible for wisdom, intuition, feeding, and giving birth.

We men, on the other hand represent the limbs, the extremities and also the brain.

This is why the masculine tends to love ideas (brain) and likes to see the world as a tools (hands)

Human beings need both men and women to fulfill and understand their roles.

If you find yourself in extreme cold weather, the body will sacrifice the limbs in order to keep the torso alive.

in same manner:

When danger is real, men will volunteer their life in order to keep the women and children from being harmed.

Society has always understood that men can be dispensable but NOT women.

Why is this important to understand in order to realize your true power?

Because, generally speaking, men exist to serve women.

And I mean it in the most pragmatic way possible.

A man's life has no meaning unless he can solve problems and be competent and offer his life in sacrifice to keep his family alive.

The "men" you generally meet are not real men. They have the physical characteristics of one, but they have not developed their character or harness their aggression.

Because they are NOT competent, brave, useful or strong, they become extremely resentful.

Who are weak men angry with?

at first: All women

Although that hate will eventually spread into men and society in general.

But why do weak men become violent against women?

Because as a man, our entire sense of being and meaning is tied around the way that women interact with us.

I believe this is a drive which is so deeply embedded​ into our biology, that we are helpless about it.

Basically, as a woman you are the CEO and the Leader of society.

Well, not YOU. But the ideal woman.

If you looked inside of you, no doubt you started to notice how much of the inner talk is about Rights and how things are unfair.

That is what is making you weak and powerless. In the next piece I will help you realize how much of the "women's rights" move is manipulation to weaken you.

Summary: Eliminating too much suffering and not being aware of it can have dire consequences and make you weak.

Traditions and societal structures were created for the past and they can never be fully correct for the present.

Before we can make a positive change in society we need understand why it is the way it is and become INCREDIBLE grateful and skilled.

If your own life is not in order what makes you think you can make a change in society?

Next up: Wealth, Inequality and the revolution against the oppressive structures.

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