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I talk about being a waiter is the best job there is (wink wink)
What a vagina is (lol)
How to tell right from wrong
Why sacrifice is GOOD

The Right way to live -

I have trying been looking for a center around which my life can be woven

Something I can always do regardless of whether I am inspired or not

A thing which does not require a multiplicity of decisions

It also had to be simple, at first, but then it would reveal an endless amount nuances as you go

It turns out that thing has existed for quite a while,

They call it: work

My job and the thing I love most is to be a freelancer for the service industry.

EVERYONE including the dog is your boss, and everything is your fault.

I love it so much I get goose bumps...

I feel I might as well tell you why being a freelancer for the service industry is the MOST unique job:

When you are the "guy" that came to help your waiters at cleaning their tables...

People treat you as they are

Scratch that...

People treat you as YOU are

I wish you knew how good it feels to be offered a job, at nearly every single place you go to work to.

Not necessarily​ because you are such a genius, but because you CARE and no one understands why...

"You are a hand for hire, so why are you working with that much care and intensity?"

For a lot of good reasons... but also because I LOVE to fuck with people heads.

And if you bring that level of commitment to a place where you are, will be, nothing but a stranger,

they are going to be wondering about you for the next 20 years.

Also, people who hire a freelancer waiter tend to have bad expectations,

so you have the power to literally, uplift their spirit by showing a willingness to do what you get paid for.

I am really serious...people get stupidly happy after I work for them.

The other thing I like is the fact I am not linked to the politics of the place, so I don't take "work" home

It's like: "OK, I am yours for the next 8-10 hours, and that is IT."

How much would that be worth to you?

Another reason why this job is perfect, is because the game I am playing is:

So I am a waiter

No, wait...

I am a waiters assistant

No, wait...

I am a table cleaner and cutlery polisher 80% of the time and a Barman / Barista the other 20%

And that is 100% a choice.

Most people are dissatisfied with their jobs and they dread them...

But I have a hard time feeling any empathy for their situation because, it is a choice.

Not just the job, but the attitude towards the job is 100% a choice.

Sure, you could bring up all kinds of exceptions or valid excuses

but they would only serve to disempower you and make the situation worse.

The thing about WORK which nobody tells you, is that it is YOUR job to learn to love what you do

I do not lack creativity, IQ or the chops to go and get myself another job as a consultant,

trainer or educator of some sorts and make my current monthly salary in 2 days.

But those jobs are not as interesting as being a freelancer waiter / barista / barman

Think about this for a moment:

I do not HAVE to do these sort of "low level" jobs, so in a way,​ I am PAYING my agency to let me work

I am forfeiting stupidly large amounts of money for the pleasure of being a "nobody" waiter.

Either I hit something special or I am completely out of my mind, or both.

People look at me weird when I tell them that washing dishes IS my favorite of all those jobs

Think about it, do you have any idea how empowering it is to be able to choose to do the things I do?

I have been doing these sort of jobs for about 8-10 years of my life and I will NOT stop any time soon.

The other thing I find fascinating is how women react to that whole thing.

Women are not really looking at your watch, your car or things of that nature. (not only)

They​ are feeling into the strength of your character, your disposition to SERVE & level of competence

and guess what? none of those things can be attained unless you get intimate with TRUTH

It seems very clear to me that women are the ones directing the orchestra

because they make all men terribly self-conscious

Women are the stick we use to measure the value of men.

The degree of attention that women pay to a man is the way for us to know if we are going well.

and before the women start to get all puffed up, let me clarify that I am not talking about you

When I say "men" and "women" I am referring to archetypes or the ideal to which we strive.

I am saying that men and women are EQUALLY responsible for the fate of the other.

If men are missbehaving, the conclusion is NOT that all men are idiots or aggressive etc...

The conclusion should be: "As women, what power do we have to make the situation better?"

Because of one thing I am sure, and that is about the power of the VAGINA.

And before anyone get's outraged, let me explain what I mean when I say VAGINA.

For men, the vagina is a symbol of redemption and attaintment.

IDEALLY, if a men get's to the vagina, it means that the archetypical WOMAN, nature, goddess of chaos,

has taken a look at that man and said: y e s

"You may enter the real of the chosen ones"

As with everything, there a right way to do it, a less correct manner and a very wrong way to do it.

The right way to enter the vagina, or the kingdom of heaven and be accepted by nature and chaos itself,

is by being a courageous, authentic individual who is deeply aware of his flaws and decides to take,

not just on his mistakes, but on the sins of all man-kind. And he chooses​ this path willingly.

That is why the figure of Christ is the archetypical representation of the ideal man (who is a carpenter)

To accept the sins of men as yours means to realize your own capacity for evil and use it the force for good

Back to women

The reason humans are drawn to truly horrible acts of violence is because

There is only ONE correct way of living and it requires that the person sacrifices their own life to walk it

That one way is both completely subjective and objective at the same time

It's subjective because each individual is equipped with something that tells them: "This is right, this is wrong."

The way to know if an action or thought is correct, is to pay attention to the effect it has on your character

If it makes your character stronger, it means: GO and if it makes it weak that means:

"It's your funeral bro"

We don't do the right thing for two reasons:

We are not in the habit or making: "The strengths of Character" our priority.

So, when we fail to act correctly, we don't feel enough contrast to notice how wrong it was.

The other reason why we don't do it is because we "know" it will require complete personal sacrifice

And we have NO idea what sacrifice means, because we believe that:

sacrifice = Bad

Which is wrong because the fact that "sacrifice" exists and that it works, should blow your mind.

A "sacrifice" is meant to be something that you WILLINGLY offer to the world, or God, or society

So that you and others can determine the severity of your intention to create something of value

If you get the damn sacrifice right, the rest of your life becomes absolutely clear and simple to navigate.


If you do not make it your task to design or insert meaning into your work or sacrifice,

The world /God/society consciousness, the Self... looks at you out of the corner of their eyes,

and incomplete​ and utter disappointment at your inability to see TRUTH, it says:

"Well, here is some money"

"Here is are some things you can get with money."

"Here are some movies through which you can vicariously live"

"Since the whole women stuff and "Kingdom of heaven" is not working, here is some live p0rn."

"Since you couldn't get the "man thing" to work, here is feminism."

As an individual, you have the "potential" to develop yourself in a way which is unique and aligned with all

You fail at life because you confuse yourself with either "black" or "white", good or evil

What you are is the process which mediates those opposing forces.

It is DAMN near impossible to become a heart surgeon. You have to give your entire life to it.

If a surgeon kills a patient, everyone is looking at what they did wrong and how to improve it.

But when a person is not living correctly, and thus possessed by resentment, anxiety and fear,

Well in that case, the LAST thing we do is point at the person and say: "You personally failed"

Because life is WAY harder than being a heart surgeon

In fact, we hate the idea of "personal responsibility" SO fucking much, that a dude by the name of Marx

Created an entire framework to explain life which is based on blaming EVERYTHING and never

Empowering the individual

And after killing hundreds of millions of people, we still think it's COOL to be an advocate of it

We don't understand what it means that hundreds of millions of people died because we made it OK,

To put the responsibility of our lives in the hands of someone other than ourselves.

You HAVE to read about Unit731, or about the Gulag Archipelago... to see HOW those people died

They did not banished from earth the way Thanos got rid of half of the people in the universe

They were tortured in ways that you can not possibly imagine.

Why am I saying that?

Because one of the reasons I feel so grateful and can be so absolutely THRILLED to make YOU a coffee,

Is, in part, because I make continuous and willing sacrifice to understand how BAD things could be

Because when you better understand how it is that we get to that place, you see the patterns everywhere

My think that things are alright, but there always a "flood" about to come.

Your life can completely crumble in the blink of an eye, and if you do not understand what that means

You will not take yourself and others with the seriousness necessary to truly LOVE life.

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