The Radiant & Graceful One - Day 01

The Radiant & Graceful One - 

Day 01 pollution stories

rosarlei 👊
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Take a sneak peak into
day one of the first
commafuller to join this
"self-help" experiment
What if this question could
dissolve anxiety?

The Radiant & Graceful One - Day 01

Two days I began to invite the commaful community to take part in a little self-help experiment.

As someone pointed out to me, the term "self-help" holds as much weight as the word consultant, so...

We won't call this "self-help", instead we will refer to this program as the:

Get-your-shit-together and make-something-of yourself-already-come on- you can do it-It will be worth it- I'll buy you icecream- Course

and I'll add this gif as well

Get-your-shit-together and make-something-of yourself-already-come on- you can do it-It will be worth it- I'll buy you icecream- Course

The name of the user will remain anonymous, but what you will see here is exactly everything that I sent them.

Everyone that subscribed received a welcome e-mail with a short form to fill out

After that everything is 100% unique, at least for now while I craft this initial course

Let's do this:

This is the actual letter

and here is the transcription

Dear *****, Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to assist you I would like to pose the question to you:

What if anxiety was your friend?

What is fear was simply trying to have a conversation with you?

What if insecurity sensed that you might be the one who is strong enough to sit down and have a cup of tea with it?

What if, in reality, we were only serve with the challenges and obstacles that we are meant to overcome and use to grow?

What is monsters also get lonely and all they ever wanted was a kind and strong soul who would listen to them?

Seven (7) years I began to realize the power behind questions and how they can be used to guide attention

It is beneficial to understand that the place where our attention and focus goes to gets​ filled with energy.

I do not use the word energy lightly and I am also not speaking in metaphors.

Whatever you are thinking right now I can completely interrupted and make you think exactly what I want

Let me show you:

What is the color of your shirt?

Now you are thinking about it.

I can sense the cynicism that says: my attention does not have that much energy

Maybe you are right, but...

What if it does?

There are infinite ways to get anything done in life and every person has to eventually, discover their own way of doing things

But most of the content out there, especially​ the self help and motivational stuff is not right for most here

Because what it does is inject a ton of energy into a system who is already working against the owner

So it just makes the "voices" louder and crueler and that does not help you

The more "spiritual" stuff out there can be beneficial and even life changing, sure but it lacks... "teeth"

For someone who is FEELS a lot and is easily overwhelmed, the only way to enjoy being a sensitive person is by becoming a very strong one

To do that, it is important to slowly cultivate a relation with yourself.

You are too strong and too stubborn to push yourself around, you need to negotiate

If you try the question: "What if...?" and it seems to open the horizon for a life with much less anxiety

Then give that try

The key at the beginning is to do only a little bit and increase just 1% every day

The reason why most of us fail when trying to make things better is because we want to go from HELL to Nirvana NOW

Even if you are 50 years old, you have about 50 more years ahead of you.

If you find a way to be patient and consistent, it will only take a few years to be a radically different person

You'll be you, but you'll feel very good about it.

To finish this first day, I thought I would share an idea which might help you reduce the anxiety

As I have said before, your anxiety is your friend and it is trying to tell you that things are not heading to chaos

Due to many reasons, our tendency is to make ourselves smaller than we really are in hope that we won't have to get into a confrontation

The problem with making yourself smaller is that nature oppose a vacuum​ and space you do not fill will have to get filled

It's like a job that needs to be done. Someone always does more and others less

When you are the one doing most of the work, it is normal that you get angry at those who are not carrying their own weight, right?

I believe that this helps explain why those are more sensitive (us) tend to attract the aggression of others...

Take a look at this drawing that I made for you:

When you and your mom are about to engage, life creates a sphere around you like this:

ideally,​ you would both fill that sphere up to full capacity before talking to one another

First you raise your energy, but because you are making yourself smaller...

and keep in mind that no one has any idea that this is actually going on, but you can both feel it.

Now your mom is somewhat compelled to fill out the rest of the space:

If you imagine that situation and you feel into it, I am sure you can start to gain a new perspective for the situation

It's a way to develop empathy for those around us.

But most importantly, it is a step towards taking responsibility for the kind of interactions we have

This is never a game of blame but simply of understand that there are NO victims or oppressors...

There is simply a situation in which people are playing one part of the other, but both are equally influencial

To Summarize: For this entire week, use the question "what if?" in order bring options to your life

play with it and find questions which help you feel empowered

Put yourself in the shoes of others who might be afraid or tired to have to take space which they are not meant to take for them...

wouldn't it make sense if their desperation has some of it's origin there?

And please remember that we are not interested in who is right or who is wrong

Our goal is to help you increase the amount of responsibility that you are willing to take for the things that happen around you.

Responsibility and NOT blame Because this is how we create the environment​ to become more powerful

I hope you enjoyed that. Notice that the approach changes radically when I am talking one-on-one to a person

The "showman" persona is tossed aside for different one

Each person requires a different approach at different times in their life.

I hope you enjoyed this <3

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