The effect you have on people (Part 1)
The effect you have on people (Part 1) affection stories

rosarlei👉 👀
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A short dialogue about...

The effect you have on people (Part 1)

Is there something interesting you could tell me about affection?

Maybe if you asked a better question I could.

Unless you want me to go on a monologue.

No no...I’ll think of something, wait...


*taps fingers*

OK I got something.

Just the other day I was thinking about the effect we have on others.

I have the feeling that some of us literally live and die for our ability to move others.

Similar to those who need goals to strive towards.

What do you think of that?

I’d say I have also noticed that. Not sure how many of these “classes” exist though.

But I do think people have specific and distinct modes of movie forward. Like classes in an RPG.

So you agree that some people thrive in having an emotional impact on others?

Yeah. And for people like this, goal attainment is not particularly fulfilling or exciting enough to move through life.

OK I got to go now. But cold we continue this tomorrow?

I like you to tell me some of the pitfalls and benefits that come with this specific type or class.

Sure thing.

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