The Ask Rosarlei Show (Part 3)

The Ask Rosarlei Show 
(Part 3) leather stories

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Can you tell real leather from fake leather?
Watch @ryaaa3 go from anxiety to hope to action in a 20 min conversation.
I also do poetry:

The Ask Rosarlei Show (Part 3)

Are you experiencing anxiety, and feelings akin to depression due to the need to please your parents?

On today's episode...

We talk to @ryaaa3 about her anxiety, depression and the enormous pressure of not wanting to let our parents down.

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to this topic.

We won't be able to cover it all today, but we got something we hope you will like.

Rya was kind enough to let me show you how the actual conversation went from:


Anxiety to hope

Anxiety to hope to taking action.

And yes, I am complete aware that seems like a TV show. It's all on purpose in order to entertain you ;)

Today, exclusively on "The Rosarlei Show" we go behind the scenes to show you how a 14 year old from Nepal is dealing with this issue.

We hope you enjoy it!

We are being informed that @ryaaa3 went ahead and posted all her story for all of you to read!

We are VERY proud of her! (Link in description)


I am being told that we have footage of how @ryaaa3 feels today after taking such important steps!

Oops! I am being informed that this is all the time we have today!

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