Step 5: Build it around you

Step 5: Build it around you class stories

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Which class are you?
You can melt the feeling of overwhelm with this
How to build the world around your personality type

Step 5: Build it around you

To do anything you need to have a place you can call "home".

When you go out there looking for adventures you want to know what "clean water" tastes like.

You may think of your personality as a pattern, a rhythm which flows and adapts to change.

The path to everything you want, depend on how deeply you understand your own signature.

Take a look at the 5 figures below. That red BIT is the most basic representation of the final hero.

That red BIT contains the DNA, the information, the instructions to build that complex being.

The key is to NEVER forget where you came from. That bit is what keeps you grounded and nurtured.

Right now you are a BIT. But not just ANY bit. You a personality and a color that goes with it.

I am going to present the 6 different personalities and I would like you to choose one of them and DM me.

Here we go:

"Greens": Determined and simple. Most of them never lie, hide nothing; act and think in a straightforward manner.

Their feelings often dominate their words and actions. They are generally very selfish and focused on their goals. 

Next up, grey:

"Greys": These are logical people who advance at their own pace. They are all for arguments and tend to want to keep their families and loved ones safe.

On the other hand, when it comes to pursuing their own goals, they do not listen to what others might have to say about it.

Next up, red:

"Reds": Conjurers are typically overly serious and stoic. They are often on guard as to be cautious.

They are observant & logical, rarely falling into traps. Being able to analyze things calmly is their strength.

Next up, yellow:

"Yellows": They are impatient, not detail-oriented, and quick to react in a volatile manner. Many of them are quick- tempered and hot-blooded.

They resemble the Greens in in terms of impulsivity, but manage to calm down, and forget easier.

Next up, blue:

"Blues": Individualistic & charismatic. They won't tell you anything important on them, and refrain from being close friends.

However, because of their natural charisma that draws others, they are always surrounded by many people.

Next up, purple:

"Purples": They are whimsical and prone to deceit. Often regarded as weirdos or tricksters.

Often they put forth a facade while hiding the truer aspects of their personalities. Even when they don't hide their personalities they rarely reveal their true intentions.

Pick the one which most felt like you. Keep in mind these descriptions carry no sense of morality.

There is no judgement here. These descriptions are just like mathematical formulas or patterns. (Tendencies)

As such, they reveal both your strengths and weak points.

Keep in mind that we are on the level 1: the BIT Just pick one color which most resembles you for now

This is not a permanent thing in any way, it is a game, but it is also a serious one.

The entire game that we will play is based on this first step. Your power will also be born​ out of it.

Were you able to guess which color I am? Leave it on the comments

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