Step 2: What you need

Step 2: What you need fuel stories

rosarlei 👊
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Let's start to get a feel into what we truly need
Let me give you some
perspectives and fuel
as I lure you into my game

Step 2: What you need

W h a t d o y o u n e e d ?

I know enough about psychology, personal growth how to learn, and human behaviour

To make any person here a completely unique and customized program so you can get this or that

and it would work 100%

One of the reasons I can always deliver is because I intuitively understand "learning"

I know that the reason you are unable to grasp a concept is because you lack the 0.0001%

that ties the whole thing together into something relateable and coherent.

I know how to trace back and navigate your thread of understanding until I find the missing link

It's how I routinely took C students to A and A+ in just one or two sessions of math classes

Which is kind of cool because I always hated math growing up, and never got good grades in it.

For me to REALLY help you, I need to create an organic framework which will grow as you do

It would have to be a type of structure that contains your DNA and that can take on a life of it's own

How exciting is this?

And do you know why I am so sure that I will be able to deliver it?

Because I have found my place, one in which everything I want is always being aligned with what the world around me needs.

I know I can deliver because I want to deliver it.

I know I will deliver it because I can feel into what others need

It's because I do not want or need anything from you, except of course your attention and willingness to take a risk on me

That is all the reward I could ever dreamed of and I will be forever choked that anyone at all is listening

I don't care about reaching thousands or millions

I just want YOU

W h a t d o y o u n e e d ?

Motherfucker, you need E V E R Y T H I N G

Not only do you need everything, you also have to have it at the exact moment you need it

That is the first clue to understanding that no one can give you what you need

It is a COMPLETE waste of your time and energy to wait for others to change be how you wish they were

Not to mention it is pretentious as hell to expect the world to be X so that you can feel Y

And then go around and point at people who have a big ego or care about money and feel superior.

I'm telling you, we are not getting the correct feedback

H o w d o y o u g e t w h a t y o u n e e d ?

You first need to get a feeling into where you are and where are NOT

If your radar screen is all cracked up and broken you have no idea where you stand in the world

Facing up and speaking your truth to yourself as best as you can is the only way to fix that broken glass

That is the first step in developing​ the power of your imagination to live the life you want

The next step is to always ACT on what the truth requires of you.

For example: If your eyes are drawn to your pile of dirty cloths and you avoid them...

You are not acting on the truth that the world has revealed to you.

If you wish to be strong and powerful you must take care of those "dirty cloths"


I mean, you want to change the world and become superwoman or superman

But you don't even make your own bed?

I'll be over here laughing at you until the day I die

W h y i s i t i m p o r t a n t t o a c t o n t r u t h ?

Truth is what the world ACTUALLY is

Truth is the light you can shine wherever​ there are shadows in order to bring darkness to you

Truth keeps predators away because they must feed you with lies before they eat you.

But most of you are kind enough to feed yourself and each other with lies

Which makes this place a hunting spot for wolfs

Don't you doubt that for a second!

The fox knows where the chicken are hiding and this place is covered in feathers! ^^

Wake up babes! 😂

The reason you want to act on your own truth is because it is the only way to trust yourself

You won't EVER feel safe until you become someone who trusts themselves.

You won't EVER feel safe until you realize​ that you ARE a monster and others should watch out.

And as you venture deeper into this path you will begin to find joy and beauty in the "mundane" tasks of cleaning and maintaining

You know, those things that everyone feels are beneath them and which seem unspectacular and boring

Nothing is life is boring

But our perspective can make life into anything.

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