Step 1: What you want

Step 1: What you want fuel stories

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Why you like fantasy and
games so much
What is imagination?
Can we turn life into a high stakes game?
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Step 1: What you want

W h a t d o y o u w a n t ?

I am about to put a real dent on a dream that I had for the past 14 years

As much as I love video games, especially RPGS and MMORPGS's

I find myself completely unable to enjoy them now.

They feel empty for me

Because it feels incredible to progress towards a goal to get stronger and fight

whether you wish to have strength to protect others,

or the power to resist and fend off the evil monsters.

I finally realized why these games will never fulfill me the way I need

It's because most games and content we consume does not require we fully participate in it

We don't get to use our own imagination because most of what is out there is meant to be consumed

a n d h o w c o u l d y o u ?

When was the last time you did anything JUST for the sake of imagination?

Sure, you use it when you create a piece of writing, although that could be debated...

My point is that the thing you REALLY want, is to be able to imagine and manifest the kind of world you want

This is why people are so attracted by something like Harry Potter

Everyone would love for magic to be real, but very few are willing to nurture and expand imagination

W h a t i s i m a g i n a t i o n ?

Imagination is the ability to tap into the role that you are meant to partake in the birth of new things

Let me say that differently

When you are able to truly imagine, your body signals it by making you feel one with everything

You are in the so-called​ state of "flow" in which time seems to stop and worries suddenly vanish

It's as if the universe, God is guiding your actions and giving detailed instructions on to how to be YOU

Fantasy novels and Games allow you to partake in the imagined world that someone else created...

And if it's properly done, it will turn people into undying fans and accolades

C a n f a n t a s y b e r e a l ?

Absolutely yes.

Everything you see know today was imagined by a human being​ who did not have more potential than the one YOU have

We are maybe 20 years from playing an MMOrpg which is fully immersive and generated by A.I

Games will soon be made and run by A.I alone...

That will become our new reality and in it there will be ONE thing that will set you apart​:

Your imagination

Because that A.I will basically become like nature, and nature rewards imagination.

Why? Because to tap into imagination you need the courage to take action towards becoming authentic

The only chance you have at becoming authentic is if you can FACE and properly articulate TRUTH

And once you know the truth (which is YOURS) you will be told what to do.

If you take THAT action, your character will now be one BIT stronger.

And that will become a positive feedback loop which will assure that no matter the SUFFERING

Your life will have MEANING

W h a t d o y o u w a n t ?

You want the strength of character that can make it's own meaning out of the things you experience

Character which requires, expects & needs NOTHING

The kind of character which is free to be, and let others be as they want to be.

H o w a r e d o i n g t h i s?

I will create a structure, a framework​, a set of rules and principles which you can use to make your life into a game

I will create a way for you to manifest your own game and your own rules

One which allows you to create a life which is good for you and good for others.

Before I go, let me leave you with just one thought:

If you could play a video game in which the hero could not be hurt or die.

A world which has no obstacles, no mountains to climb or chasms to jump over...

No enemies to defeat or people to help

No reason to grow and no one we can contribute to

Would you be happy with that game?

Would you play it?

Maybe is not LIFE that sucks

Maybe you could imagine and bring about a better one

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