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When I blow the pipe, lash out against a stereotype; I raised a fist against society, demand it to shift and no longer simplify me into a gist

I am very lucky

I am often taken over by pure gratitude at the fact that I can get into my bathroom and take a warm shower

That I can go to the store with just my phone, and buy any of the food I crave

That I can go to a different place of work every single day and not worry about been robbed or mugged outside

I am thankful that I have the health to do as much work as I could possibly want

I am thankful that I can write, speak and communicate my thoughts, ideas, ​and feelings in a manner which could even be considered artistic

I am thankful at this miracle called the Internet, where I can share these things and stay connected to everyone at all times of the day

I am thankful because I know. In the place where I was born, most people are now eating from the garbage

It's been made illegal​ to declare "starvation" as the cause of death for infants

You can't imagine watching your infant die of hunger,

I am not sure I can myself.

But if you struggle to realize how much there is to be thankful for, and how much it is necessary that we work and sacrifice to improve it...

Maybe you should try to bring those images into your mind from time to time

I am almost ashamed at the sheer amount of things that I feel thankful for.

It's kind of difficult not to, when you wake up and go to bed with death in your mind

Might seem morbid and maybe it is, but how else could you appreciate life's beauty unless you are acquainted with how easily it is broken

Next time you need an enemy to lash out against, feel free to use society, culture, religion the economy or the media...

I certainly have

But make sure the accusations become the springboard you use to land back on yourself and assume responsibility...

Otherwise, you might fall prey to your own illusions & end up in a hell of your own conclusion

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