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The time I ALMOST lost my virginity.

I thought I was done with the tea spilling, but then I started to see other pieces referring to it and they inspired me <3

Rosarlei thinks you should drop the act

The story I am about to share is quite embarrassing to me. For some reason, I have not figured out why I still feel so bad about it.

So, there were 2,5 years of my life in which I was heavily bullied. I will talk about that in a different post because it's worth mentioning.

The story you are about to hear happened exactly during the summer when that bullying ended. So age 12,5 to 15. And this story happened at 15.

My school does an exchange programs with other German School. Almost everyone in the class did it. Except me.

The idea of having a total stranger in my house for a month just seemed insane. I still don't know who in their right mind would do that.

I needed my privacy.... 14 times a week. *wink wink*

So I refused. A year later My parents asked me if I wanted to go to a school in Germany for a month. In order to train for the SPD 1

Which is the junior German proficiency test. That Idea I liked. So I went to a very small town that bordered with Austria.

The first two weeks of the program we were about 20 kids ages 14-18 (grins) And after the first two weeks there was another group that came.

We had a really good time. One of the things that caught my attention was realizing that I was one of the popular ones and that girls were looking at me.

It was weird because, the previous 2,5 years had been absolute hell. And this made me realise that maybe it was not all my fault (what was happening at home)

During the first two weeks I made some really good friends. The Spanish guys were mostly into stealing shit and vandalizing trains....

The Italians were hitting on girls and drinking alcohol. The Dutch were chilling, smoking and listening to good music.

My German did not improve a lot. But for two weeks I hung out with cute girls, started to smoke, drink, steal and vandalize some things here and there.

Best time ever...I also learned about Eminem and Busta Rhymes and a song called "Freestyler" which is just... A M A Z I N G...

By the time the two weeks ended and everyone except me left the school. My street cred had gone through the roof.

When the new group came to the school the next day, I was a "local". (So basically, two weeks one group, the next two week the other group and I was the only one there for the month)

Before they came, I had dyed my hair blond....that took two entire packages. When I told my dad about it over the phone, he told me, in no uncertain terms:

"That's great, son. Just make sure there are no traces of you ever doing that by the time I see you in two weeks."

Something inside of me new I had crossed a line... I was 100% I did not want to see his reaction to my new found style.

So I shaved my head before the two weeks ended. But before that, I had a good time with it...

The new group comes and what do you know? Not one, but two more Venezuelans come in... Ages 18 and 16 (cousins)

Now we are a fucking Mafia... The rest of the people (that I can remember) Consisted of a couple of Italians

Seven (7) extremely cute French girls, a Spanish girl who spoke perfect french (you see where this is going?) And a swiss Italian who was the coolest dude ever.

They all arrive on a Sunday, And the first thing the Venezuelans want to do is buy beer from the town bellow and chill outside the school house.

This was all totally allowed. The French​ on, the other hand oh was not 7 girls It was 5 girls and 2 dudes. I can't remember the dudes at all....

But the French, the take the school Van and go to the only bar in town and come back about an hour later, kind of drunk

None of the French can speak a single word of German or English. And my and my two new friends are sitting outside talking and having a beer.

The French finally came back from the bar and gathered on the porch, next to us. Suddenly, the blond girl and the red-head stand next to us and start talking in french

to each other. 10 seconds later...I kid you not... Let me just say that I believe that embellishing a story is straight up lying. So...the girls...

10 or 5 seconds later, the red-head, who is standing right next to where I am sitting, puts her hand on my shoulder and sits on my lap.


Then the blond, who basically just did everything that the other one did, does the exact thing to the other dude who was 16 years old.

tbh, I think those two were FAR better looking, and def way more experienced. The 18-year-old​ looked like he did cross fit. Dude was ripped!

So, they are sitting on our laps and we are looking at each other like: WTF?!

All I remember right now is that, without losing a beat, I got up, grabbed her hand and led her to an empty class room.

I'll tell you the rest tomorrow because I have to get ready to work <3

You fucker....

Cliff hanger...BIATCH!

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