Rosarlei spills some 18 year old Tea
Rosarlei spills some 

18 year old Tea representative stories

rosarlei 👊
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If you are 18 years old,
you need a representative to read this story...not really, just come right in.

Rosarlei spills some 18 year old Tea

Where were we? ...

I grab this girl by the hand and lead her to an empty classroom.

Since I had already been there for two weeks, I knew all the spots.

Also, you know what I was doing at age 8...which means you can only imagine what I was like at 15...

In reality, before this event took place, I had made out with exactly ONE (1) girl and I was 12. (it's a funny tale as well)

back to the story:

I don't want to keep calling her the "red-head" but I also didn't want to use her name... But since there is not a single picture in existence or any way for anyone to find her...

I'll whisper it:


now, say it while pretending to claw at someone with your made of paw while making a growling sound...

so... Debs and I go into this room... and I sit on one of the tables and she leans on me squeezing through my thighs


why is that word so dirty???

I am super uncomfortable sharing these details...

but they are necessary for the

Like a "Gentleman", I open up her shirt...bra comes flying out... and things start to get...nice...who am I kidding? it was great.. lol

Something I am really proud of, but would never dare to say out loud, is my ability to snap open a bra...

The first time someone complimented for my ability to snap it open, I took it at heart...and since I can be so competitive... I decided to make it even more impressive...

But there was a point where I decided to pretend that I couldn't get them to open, because some girls had been giving me looks of shock due to how fast I was opening them.

I know...

but I am basically celibate now since ...years. I retired. So, who cares?

let's just go back to the story:

Some more clothes come out ....and I know you have the feeling that we have been there for like 15 minutes, but this entire part of the story took exactly​ 20 seconds.

So...out of nowhere I hear slurping sounds...

REALLY loud ... like..



*SssSSssluuuRRrrrrrRpp *SssSSssuuuRRrrrrrR *SssSSssuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssuuuRRrrrrrR *SssSSssluuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp* *SssSSssluuuuuRRrrrrrRpp*


I look at debs and she is just as shocked as I am.

I grab her by the shoulders and move her to the side to get a better look.

All I see is a huge head of hair, waving around in all directions. The room was fairly dark so you couldn't make out many details

and then once more we hear:


One of my knees touches the ground, and I am holding on to my stomach...

this girl looked like Farrah Fawcett

but her kissing was kind of like:

So...that killed the mood.

I grab debs and we get out of there. But not before giving a disapproving look to my new friend.

Because, why on earth would you follow me into the same god damn room??

he shrugged at me...and he was right. The girl had lead him by the hand to that room because she did everything that Debs did...


Alright, so this is enough for today. Tomorrow I will tell you about how I finally broke it up with Debs and hooked up with the girl I was actually in love with

18 year old French Girl, Marion, who also spoke no English​ and no German.

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