Rosarlei spills a moderate amount of expensive tea

Rosarlei spills a moderate amount of expensive tea owl stories

rosarlei 👊
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My personal experience with entitlement, and why having it will make you miserable.

EDIT: Change in story. LOT's of pictures instead.

Rosarlei spills a moderate amount of expensive tea

I recently had a conversation with a Commaful user about entitlement. It was very interesting and it got heated very quickly.

Even-though I believe to be right , I did not have the time to talk about how I AM entitled myself. And how it has evolved over time.

As always, I will tell you a personal and embarrassing story about my life and then I'll try to shove a rant down your throat. I will even warn you before the rant stars, so you can skip it if you want.

You might be wondering how the hell is this piece related to the prompt "OWL"?

First of all, notice the cover photo-montage:

See? Jeffree has Owl eyes

To those who do not know or who don't remember. I started this series on radical candour, as a way to offset the BS and lies...

of a person who I will not name, because the public attention will benefit him. you know the singer Ava Max?

Go on Spotify and check her top rated song...

So, I did not want to do an exposure piece on this person because it would have not worked at all. So I am doing this instead.

It is a reminder that I AM watching him.

Let's keep this concise.

Once upon a time...just kidding

oh! before I forget, I promised you some photos from when I was younger.

I'll put them right now, in case that's all you care about. That way you can be on your way to doing productive shit

*wink, wink*


OH! look...I found a picture of my two ex girlfriends together in the same photo with me....

nah! you won't care about that. Let me see what else I have here....

A friend of mine from college who had recently discovered photoshop...

We used to say that Annie was Willie Wonka and we were her Oompa Loompas...

Idk why though...some shit is just funny at that age, I guess?

Could have been the alcohol...

Another one of life's mysteries..

OHHH ...I think you are going to like these...since we are on the topic of photo editing...

These are/were two of my favourite people in the world. I haven't seen them in 10 years.

coolest dude in the world EX-GF ME of my ex-BF

I will never forget that night ^^

I still got three more which are the best. I'll put them at the end because too much of a good thing is bad for us.

I will now give you my story by using bullet points, so that we can get to the last pictures as fast as possible.

Let's do this, motherfuckers!

2 left... :P

I changed my mind...I started to write the story and it felt long and boring and I lost my interest. We'll see what happens tomorrow xD

For now though, let me just show you those two other pictures I promised you :)

I really miss these two...

Those pecs, bro!....jesus...

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