Rosarlei dumps a can of tea on his Head (III)

Rosarlei dumps a can of tea on his Head (III) recess stories

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The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me in High-school, plus my beat advice for dudes.

Rosarlei dumps a can of tea on his Head (III)

I realise that I am not very good at holding things inside...

I realise that I am not very good at holding things inside...Uh...

I realise that I am not very good at holding things inside...Uh... Keep that phrase in mind,

I realise that I am not very good at holding things inside...Uh... Keep that phrase in mind, because it will get funnier later.

So...the year was 1998...

holy fuck...

So...the year was 1998... Pre smart phones, pre google and youtube... And I was 13 years old and a LATE bloomer.

Or was I 15?...

Or was I 15?...I think was 15 already...

Or was I 15?...I think was 15 already...nah 13...wtv

So, late bloomer, and class comedic relief. The teacher is away and people are playing truth of dare.

I jump in...I sat down. My arch enemy, who used to be my friend when we were 8, and who is a total jackass...

I jump in...I sat down. My arch enemy, who used to be my friend when we were 8, and who is a total jackass...

He says: "If you want to play, you have to answer this one question, because everybody else already did."

And I say or think: "Bring it!" With a straight face, he goes:

"How many time do you jerk off a in a week?"

yep!...I bet you know where this is going...I can hear Iqra cackling across time...

So, I was 13, lots of energy... lot's of free time...fond of exploration and finding out my own boundaries and shit

I am also super competitive and I like to have attention on myself. So...before I can even process the damn question... let alone who was asking it...

I run the math in my head very quickly, take the average into account and go:

Fourteen (14) times!

I am even proud at this point

I can not really remember for how many years this became THE joke. People made class expositions on it...

I remember there being. graphs and mathematical formulas and was a lot... xD

Thinking back on it though...I am not sure how much I cared. I was not sad that people laughed at me...

I was sad at the fact that I liked them and I was not finding a way to make better connections, or the relationships I needed.

I wanted to everyone's friend tbh...but people were so insecure and caught up in non sense... it was difficult to get them

to be honest. I could only have those moments if I had them one to one to myself. And I realised then that they admired me...

But the next day, when the crowd was present, they would just pretend nothing happened.

A few years later, all that shit died down. We were 18-22 and we were all back to friends, as you saw in previous pictures.

But eventually I stopped. I realised I had no respect at all for them. Such character weakness... So I distanced myself.

So, let me pull a lesson to help dudes get laid, which is related to the story.

shut your mouth

shut it the fuck up

Here is why: Girls, and women, they want to like you. And It takes them about 2.5 secs to know if they would EVER fuck you.

It's not a joke, ask any woman in your life. They think diff. You got no fucking chance.

You NEVER ever EVER "pick up" a woman. They will fuck you IF you manage to screw it up too badly

The less confident they are, the more you can fuck up. Keep that in mind please. And don't use it as a trick.

What does that mean for you? People in general, but specially women. They don't see you as you are, they see you as they want and need you to be.

The chances that you are actually what they are looking for is basically in the negative. Because you are way too young to know who you are.

Even 45 year olds do not know what the fuck they are doing.

So this is what you do: You smile, do not run your mouth, be polite, take an interest in them aside from just wanted to "stick it" in...

Look, most women are extremely insecure, most of them are dying to get attention, none of them truly values themselves as they should...

And they also get horny... So, keep this in mind, not to use tricks, but just so that you are more aware of what what is actually happening.

Damn it! I have to leave for work, so I might have to rush this a bit...

Last thing I will say is: If no woman wants to fuck you, you suck. You are not even remotely the men you should be. And that is fine!

What you need to do is learn patience and play a longer game. While other people are having awful, teenage, weird need to be at the gym

At the martial arts class, at the music class, learning on need to be getting skills. You need to manage the strong and the sensitive.

If you do that....women will become attracted to you. They respond to real confidence because most of them have is absurd..

Your confidence will come from becoming really good at something. It doesn't matter what.

THEN, when are 30+ you'll instantly become so attractive to younger women, you will not know wtf to do.

that's it, go jerk off a lot and practice getting good at something and don't ever let me catch you being a drama queen.

14 times....*chuckles*

The obvious lesson here is: Respect yourself, respect others, do not rush into sex...I was 20 the first time.

Do not ever pull tricks on people. You can only, sort of, fool losers. You can never trick winers. Do not be a fucking loser.



On a side note: my website is up: Even-though I started to write and do poetry 5 months ago, I don't think you should

listen to me, unless you think my work has a certain level of quality and authenticity to it. I do not consider myself a writer, much less a poet.

if you would like some help building a website like that to collect your pieces, DM me and I'll help you out.

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