Private Convo EP03 - Bullying

Private Convo EP03 - Bullying croissant stories

rosarlei 👊
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Part 2
High School bullying on a grand scheme
Want to figure out how it happened as I think about it?

Private Convo EP03 - Bullying

This story begins with EP 02 In the previous episode, I tell you all about the time I was very popular before it all came crumbling down...

Here we are again

you said it...

To be honest, I don't know how well I can recall the events

That is what we are here for

Alright, want to start asking questions?

Give me a summary of the whole thing and I'll decide if I want to listen

fair enough

From age 12 to 15 I spend about 50% (?) of my time being bullied.

But it wasn't one, two or three people.

That many I could handle. I am talking about 8 and 10 people simultaneously picking on me


For many reasons, one thing that I am sure of is that it was my "fault". Because there are ways of acting which attract those kinds of behaviors.

Whether a person is too naive or quiet or not confident enough, the other kids will poke at you and see how you react to it.

Sadly, not everyone is equipped to handle it and some other kids in my class were picked on and bullied there entire life.

So, tell me about this bullying

I developed quite late and at the age of 12 there were kids who I had zero chance of fighting against. They had the body of a grown man...

Years later, I think at the age of 16-17 I asked one a guy in my class why they had picked on me the way they did. I said: "Why me?"

And his answer basically was: We flipped for it and your name came up...

I used to consider him a very good friend of mine before all that stuff happened. That made this conversation all the more bizarre.

What made it more frustrating was that most people would act like my friends and then simply turn on me once the "mob" mentality took over them.

It is one of the reasons why I learned to develop contempt for weak-minded people. They are the ones I truly​ watch out for.

The three (3) guys who were the leaders of the whole thing never even try to lay a hand on me...I don't know why...

Maybe it was pity, or maybe it was out of respect, idk I obviously never tried to pick a direct fight with them and they never got close...

It was their minions who did the work for them, and they did get close. I got into a lot of fights over that period of time

I was sad and beat up because I wanted friends and I suddenly seemed to have none.

That was the time I started to go on online forums and locked myself in my room to play online games all the time.

My life was strange because one moment things were normal and the next thing I knew I was getting bullied by a huge group again...

I also called a lot of attention to myself and that made me a target. I could have been smarter about it and more cautious but I wasn't.

I also realized that I had no clan or steady group of friends because I liked to hang out with different people all the time.

Being alone that way made me an easy target and branded me with a big L on my forehead

What would you tell anyone who is getting bullied?

The only thing that matters is that it is happening. Go get some sort of martial arts training and develop yourself and then face the guy

A bully in school is life's way of saying that you need to toughen up because the outside world is WAY harder.

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