Private Convo EP02 - Bullying

Private Convo EP02 - Bullying dictionary stories

rosarlei 👊
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High School bullying on a grand scheme
Want to figure out how it
happened as I think about it?

Private Convo EP02 - Bullying

Are we doing this again?

It seems like it

Bullying, then?

Why not.

I am not really interested, you can do this on your own.

fair enough

I like the quiet

This mode of writing is strangely soothing

would you agree?

hmmm ^^

I can't really remember the day it all started but I do remember what happened the day before...

I was popular...

I didn't know it at the time

But I was one of the most popular kids from my grade

Specially when it came to the girls

I just like them and they like me back

As it is always the case, the pretty girls were the most popular ones

And I was good friends with all of them

I was among the first who started to take an interest in girls and I learned how to dance an early age. (11)

We were at that age when girls want to host parties​ that involve dancing and boys only want to play soccer.

Don't get me wrong...I loved sports and I still do... But dude...there is no way in hell I was going to choose soccer over pretty girls...

That was probably the thought that still get's me in trouble today, and makes me who I am, namely: A lesbian...

Looking back, even though I wanted EVERYONE to be my friend, there was a part of me who has always looked a men and thought:

n o t g o o d e n o u g h

wait I changed my mind

What do you mean?

I want to know how you started to get your ass kicked

for being a pretentious fuck


Make yourself comfortable

Where was I?

Right, age 11 to 12...

The whole thing happened VERY quickly

There was a birthday party at least two times per month and the girls were ONLY interested in dancing

Aside from me, there was only one other dude who danced but he was also more interested in playing soccer than anything else...

wow I had almost forgotten about this...

The girls would host parties and most of the guests were kids from my class but also other kids from other schools

Cool kids who were also a year older and caught the attention of a lot of the girls

But we were still absolutely outnumbered and that meant that the cutest girls (and not so cutest) would line up to dance with me at birthdays.

I was in heaven

I loved to dance and I still do, but there is NOTHING more uplifting then having the respect and admiration and care of women.

As I told you before, there was a girl (in this group) who I had a crush on for years but I never mustered the courage.

Instead, I flirted and fooled around with the other girls in the group and "went out" with them for 2 or 3 days before breaking up...

During that time I got together with a guy from my class whom was missing his left hand from a birth defect.

He became my best friend during that time and him and I started to take all of the girls out to the movies and to play laser tag.

Having this much female attention also made the older girls in school take notice and gave the whole thing a snowball effect.

But to be perfectly honest This very rarely got to my head and it has not changed much throughout my life.

and then one day...

I shared a "good" story with the wrong person

Someone I should have never considered my friend

One of those people who are manipulative and sneaky

The kind of people who you can not call out in public

Not unless you want to look like a fool and a crazy person

I will continue the story tomorrow but I will end it with an important lesson that took me forever to learn

I didn't realize it myself. But I was listening to a talk once and I heard the guy explain:

"Never do a deal with a teamster and NEVER let them know that you are onto their games and schemes...

...people like that believe that the rules of society and good conduct do NOT apply to them and if you find out what their game is...

...they will dedicate their entire life to carving you out and you won't be able to defend yourself. Because that will be ALL they think about."

and when I heard that I felt a shiver run through my spine..

Did you also feel it?

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