Part 6: Split Psyche

                                                  Part 6: 

                                      Split Psyche willing & able stories

rosarlei 👊
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The boy wakes up from the
first vision and has a revealing conversation with his "inner voice".

Part 6: Split Psyche

I wonder how he is doing...

It's been thirty minutes since he went inside.

I should have not let him go...

You can't protect him. By now he should have experienced his first vision.

The hallucinogenic spores are fast-acting. He was under the effect the moment he entered.

Do you think he will figure how to get out of it?

He better... Most people's brain can not take more than two of those hallucinations.


No one can, actually. Except you, of course.

He has to withstand it...

The old man fades away... Now the boy is revealed once again...but something has changed.

The spores were fast acting. Together with the singing of the Spider queen, the boy's Psyche had experienced it's first fracture.

As his mind begins to clear he realises he is still laying on the floor.

w...whe...where am I ?...

was that all a dream?!

You look like a drunk that has just passed out on the sidewalk. Do try to snap out it please...

but it was so real...

Of course! In a way, it was real. You are traumatised, are you not?

...wait...who are you??!!

why are you being such an ass?

I am your inner voice, dummy. Well, to be fair, I am not exactly YOURS...

...what do you mean?

What i mean is, no one is born with an inner voice that berates them at every chance...

Then why do you do this?

I am not doing anything. I am the result of the choices you have made. You have let others opinions about yourself take over your own inner voice.

So it is not my fault then?

It isn't your fault. However... It is the reality you need to deal with. This is what you must figure out and overcome.

But who changed my inner voice?

Those who are closest to you.

You mean this is the fault of my family??

Yes. But you can not blame them either. Because they have the same inner voice. Which they got from other people close to them.


oh and btw...


you better hold on to your teddy...

The cobwebs are still vibrating from the singing. But the boy has no clue about what is going on.

He can't really see them but the spores are still floating around him and entering his system for a second time...

The first coin had landed

The first coin had landed And the second one

The first coin had landed And the second one was already flipping in the air

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