Part 3: No Time

Part 3: 

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Part 3: No Time

The fourth instalment of the series "Willing & Able"

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Today's prompt: "Planes"

Part 3: No Time

Are you sure this was the right thing to do?

He is a full two years younger than when you first went down there.

There was no other option...

And even if things go according to plan..

We might already be doomed

There is no time...

Yes but you were never this entitled the first time you went in

Do you think that his mind will be able to withstand Planes of Regret?

Not really, no. And it's my fault.

I failed as a parent...and now I am sending him to his death

What about his hiding skill, Is it as good as yours?

Oh, I almost forgot about that. Let me turn mine off.


Well, I don't know how good that skill will be down there.

The second level of the cave is populated by an ancient mushroom from which the current Psilocybin variety comes from.

However, the spores of this mushrooms act somewhat differently.

They amplify your character flaws well into the future. As a result, the victim is suddenly hit with all the regret that comes from having made decisions based on fear.

Even worst... the opinion of others.

It is said to have been created by Hades himself to torture those who betrayed him.

The being who created the cobwebs in the first place, has a symbiotic relationship with them.

The mushroom throws the victim into the prone position while she sneaks up from behind and eats them.

The spores have no effect on her, and once she is done digesting them... they end up as shroom fertiliser.

But isn't she going to recognise him?

She is not one to play favourites.

not even for her...


Not even for her son.

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