Part 2/2 Make your own Bun. (You'll have to eat it.)

Part 2/2 Make your own Bun. 

(You'll have to eat it.) bun stories

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Part 2/2 i talk about the obstacles and benefits of following your intuition.
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Part 2/2 Make your own Bun. (You'll have to eat it.)

I am going to have to skip a LOT of details in order to get through this story and reach the point.

Let's do this!

I was 27, and I had been living in Berlin for 3 years. I had applied over 250 times and was completely stuck working as a waiter.

I was in a bad relationship at the time and that help land me into a state of depression.

The kind of state where you are a fetal position, curled up under the blankets and feeling that you are been sucked into a black hole.

I felt my life was over at 27 and that I had completely screwed me​ over, by not doing what everyone else told me to.

The truth is: I had let other people, who were very close to me, tell me how I should feel about my own life.

That was a very bad idea...

You see, they were insecure and full of fear. Even though they were following traditional paths, such as medicine, they had GREAT doubts.

And that was an important lesson for me. People who are insecure and pessimistic will try everything to convince you to feel the same way.

This is how they justify feeling miserable. And if you let their voices in your head, you will suffer.

The reason I was in such a state was because I stopped listening to myself completely. I know that now.

In the midst of that anxiety, I applied for a spot at the FU which is an "elite" university in Berlin.

I got into a B.A of economics, even though I already had a a 4 year BA from my own country.

I did it because being a student would raise my status and increase my opportunities. and it REALLY did....

Remember when I told you that I had previously applied over 250 times over the span of 3 years?

Did I mention I received one (1) response that said: "No, thank you" and everything else were crickets?

The moment I was admitted into the FU as a student, I added that little bit of information to my CV and the results were interesting...

Not only did I get accepted into every job I applied to, I was getting called the very same day that I had sent my application.

A personal phone call, the very same day my application was sent...Not an e-mail. So...yes, that was shocking...

The other thing that happened was that in order to study economics in German​, I was going to need a very high level of Calculus and German.

What you should know about me is that I had German as a foreign language when I went to school.

Through my entire life I only barely got passing grades in both German and Mathematics.

These were my absolute worst subjects. And they also gave me hell the first few years in college. (back home)

But exactly one (semester) after the university started I not only received the highest grade in the calculus exam (near perfect score)

I had also become a Math and Calculus teacher at a German institution. I was teaching Math in German.

How did something so absurd happen and what is the lesson here that will help you?

The biggest reason why I was able to change my situation in such a radical way, was because I was willing to go 100%-all-in on my intuition.

When I spent 12-14 hours a day for 2 years, learning Mathematics, German, Law Learning Methods etc... I had NO idea where it was all going...

The only thing I knew was that I was in the flow, I was happy, I was naturally driven and I was not being fearful.

That gave me the power and the energy to fully squeeze that opportunity. And only 6 six months after starting the university...

I was at a managerial position at a learning center for school and high school​ children.

And everything that I learned about myself and how to learn were the same tools I used when I later worked for the Deutsche Bank.

The point I am trying to make with this story is the following:

Figure out how you learn, what your interests are. These are 100% unique.

The more you get into the habit of listening to your gut and acting on it, the better your life will get.

Anything you do with your absolutely and complete passion and love will yield fruits and results which go well beyond​ the apparent.

So, even if you don't know how writing stories, or learning music, or math or anything will play out in the future...

So long as your heart is in it, you can trust that this is the right thing to do. And time will prove it.

99.99% of the people in this world do not do it this way. Never expect others to encourage you down this path, because they won't.

The End

Feel free to give me any sort of feedback and let me know if these stories added value to you in anyway.

Let me know in the comments how I can improve them for you. Are they too slow? too fast? Not enough pictures?

Did you get any value from it? If so, which one? And how can I give you more?

Take care!

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