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rosarlei 👊
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I will try to invoke respect in society instead of contempt. Even social media or the internet.

Nurture respect for it -

I am not knowledgeable enough to make this case, but I want to have at it

I want to explore the idea that society is miraculous by using common sense

I would like to see if I can introduce a bit of a new perspective

I also want to touch on who blames society and what their agenda might be

Let's start:

One of the most useful sciences to understand society is the field of "Emergence"

Which proposes that complex systems emerge from more simple ones

Emergence is telling you that everything that exists, is or WAS useful somehow

It supports the notion that things happen for a reason

The simple actions of individual organism is what gives way to culture and law and cities

Society (whatever that is) is a living organism

But why do we have the feeling that society is unfair and oppressive?

Because it is

The whole of life is unfair, and it is oppressing​ you, BUT it also gives you endless gifts

Society as a SUPER being that emerged out of humans in order to mediate between us and nature

By nature you could think about the elements or how your life would be if we did not have electricity.

Society MUST oppress​ so that it can create enough Order for human beings to organize themselves and work for the future

The problem is that society has done its job SO well, we have lost touch with the thing it is protecting us from

A very large % of use are basically Trust Fund kids who look at our fathers and complain the internet is not going fast enough

We are the people who turn against the Super Heros once we begin to feel judged by their virtuosity

Because society is always throwing ideals at us and trying to tell us how we should be acting

(And it is also mirroring who we are back to us and we generally do NOT like that.)

That is what religion does, and also beauty and strength and basically anything that is clearly above you

There are two ways to deal with "impossible" ideals of human achievement:

One would be to realize that ideals ARE suppose to be impossible and then ask yourself:

How can I get as close to it as humanly possible?

Or you could look at it, give up, become resentful, and then use the internet to spread the hate

The internet which allows you to instantly reach ALL human on planet earth...

Use that to say how bad everything is.

Let's put that aside and talk about the oppression​ bit.

The number one thing that is needed in order to create anything is L I M I T A T I O N

Society and life and gravity gives you something to push against so that your growth has direction

If you don't have problems to solve, you don't have anything to grow for and you can't contribute either

Problems are the air, and some people have trouble breathing and sometimes it is because they let their lungs get weak.

Now let's talk about life being unfair, which is absolutely is and thank the universe for that

The life you experience has a ratio of known and unknown factors to it.

Let's make up a number for the sake of the discussion and say that in order to have 5% novelty we need 95% stability

Novelty is introduced by the people that History will always remember

People like da Vinci who took the life they were given and solved it's unique problems for the well being of all.

The unfair nature of life is what contains the seed of your uniqueness.

Society will give you TWO pills to take and it will say the following thing:

Take the blue one & assume only the minimum amount of responsibility and nurture your potential JUST enough

With enough luck, you will not hurt too badly when things go bad ,and you won't have TOO much regret on your death bed

Or take the red pill and see if you can figure out what you need to develop yourself UNIQUELY

You will have to become a willing servant and slave, locate your GOD given talent, work 18 hours a day & sacrifice EVERYTHING

And then, if you are lucky, you will trend on twitter for 14 hours on the day you die.

The last thing I wanted to touch on is who badmouths society and what is their agenda.

There will always be people who are good at formulating the argument that: the reason your life suck is the fault of someone else

It is very easy to blame something like "society", because it can not answer back to you.

The individual who wants to "blame" is resentful and disempowered.

They tend to be smart people who don't figure out how to "win" at life and conclude the game is rigged.

Imagine the arrogance it takes to blame "life" or "society" for your short comings.

The problem with that logic is not that it hurts society's feeling, but that it removes the individual power of person.

Society is oppressive but it never wants to remove your power, because then it collapses and dies

That is because society is the WALL that we created a long time ago, to keep the human potential for evil at bay.

Society did such a good job at it, that we decided to stop manning the wall with courageous individuals

We decided our ancestor were simply too dumb and primitive to know what they were talking about.

So we let that society fall by allowing the individual to become corrupted and that is when,

We killed dozens of millions of people in the most creative way that you can not imagine

If you want to understand society and feel real gratitude for what is imperfectly doing,

Read about the events of the 20th century. I am currently listening to The Gulag Archipelago​.

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