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I was supposed to post this yesterday but had to run to work and got late anyway...

Make fantasy REAL -

A game is played when we make a conscious choice to act out certain things with a goal in mind.

We allowed the words "play" and "game" to be looked down as the things that have no real impact

When in reality, no impact, and no meaning comes when we don't make the choice of playing the games.

Having explored MANY of the games that are currently in offer, I have decided to create my own.

The purpose of my game is allow you to extract unique meaning out of every moment in your life

To do that, it has to provide an all-encompassing design which can also adapt itself to you and grow as you do

That is not the difficult part.

Because for the game to work, you'll have to bring your imagination to it.

That means it will require a large leap of faith into the unknown.

And that is the difficulty

Because I don't want you to simply trust me

I hope that if I am right, the game will simply be "self evident"

The ultimate challenge will be for me to sell you on the idea of trusting and acting on your GOOD.

Which means I need to sell myself on your ability to see and act on the good.

Which means I have to be the one who ONLY looks for and acts on the good.

I hope that made sense. Let's go into the creation myth of this game:

The reason why anything exists instead of nothing, is because of Innocence​

Innocence demands to be impressed and entertained by God itself

But it is the simultaneous drive to serve, which makes the God WANT to do it.

In the beginning of time, God impressed innocence by playing hide & seek with it

Much like a child, innocence LOVED this game

But as it grew older, it started to crave more complex forms of entertainment

God (the father) realized that his ability to CREATE was insufficient. It lacked POWER

He took a look at Chaos, out the unknown out of which the Innocence once emerged

And thought:

What if I could use that force in order to create new ways to impress the Innocence?

And God began to arrange different and interesting patterns from that Chaos

And the Innocence opened her eyes WIDE in amazement

God realized that there was something about using Chaos to create which she LOVED!

The Innocence was not just being impressed by the new, it was also touched by known

Innocence recognized itself in the Order that God had manifested from the Chaos

As God continued to make Order out of Chaos, Innocence's excitement grew

But it also became maniacally interested in Chaos and all that could emerge out of it

God realized he would not be able to stop Innocence from playing with the chaos

So he gave birth to FEAR in order to protect the innocence from Chaos

But Chaos WANTED to be played with, and so it created foolishness to draw Innocence to play with

Innocence, now in its​ teens, was afraid and foolish, which did not help God, nor Chaos

Chaos (the mother) and God (the father) decided to create COURAGE as something to be attained by Innocence.

Courage would become the ONLY path for Innocence to properly play with Chaos

But courage had to be earned, created and invoked by the innocence itself

The only way to do it was through action. but not just any action, the correct one.

A very narrow path inside a multiplicity of options, gave birth to TRUTH

Truth would be the guide for the Innocence to take action to nurture courage

Courage which would allow the innocence to choose exactly how to impress itself

The narrow path of truth was the one authored by Innocence itself.

Which is also known as:

The path of authenticity

Now that God and Chaos (the universe) had decided to work together,

They wanted a way for this life energy to continue to expand into the infinite

They created Human Beings in their image and dubbed them with both:

Infinite Potential (Chaos) and the ability to manifest Order through Competence

And so it came to be that the MOST renowned being on earth were those who,

Managed to attain mastery (extreme competence) by walking their authentic path.

In other words: If a person has the courage to author their own life in alignment with the GOOD of all,

He or she becomes immortal, which is the same as saying that he becomes a GOD

Still working on the story

It's also worth mentioning that Order is the basis for the ultimate way to impress which is: Beauty

Order is what simplifies the infinite nature of life and reduces the anxiety so that beauty can be SEEN.

Again: You need to know how to manifest proper Order in your life so you can reduce anxiety and open your eyes to the beauty.

The way to create proper order is by taking action (courageous action) on the things which your attention is called towards.

Things like unpaid bills, unanswered e-mails, test you have not studied for yet...

Those things transcend and are representations of the Chaos our of which you are being called to Order.

And the better you get at creating Order, the less anxious you become and the more beauty you see

Take sounds for example.

It is first Order which makes noise into a pattern of sound. It is a higher Order which creates a sound that can be considered beautiful.

But it is the work of GOD create a sound which is both beautiful and unique, to point that it transcends and become immortal.

Very well, so how do we start to bring Order & Truth into our life?

I thought you'd never ask!

The first thing we have to do is use our imagination to reduce ourselves into something we can manage

Place your attention on tension you currently feel on your stomach

Now take a look at the next slide and then let your attention go back to your stomach

Now I will show you a simplified image of the one you previously saw.

Did you noticed how the tension in your stomach was somewhat released?

Did you also noticed how that image emerged out of the order in which those BITs had been placed?

Now we will turn you from an infinitely complex being into something much more manageable:


lets see now through it

Clear the chaos around it

Let's embody it

in the next slides you'll see how the Ideal BIT incorporates and transforms Chaos.

The Chaos is first made into Order and THEN into a thing of beauty

The last step represents the maximum possible simplification.

What is left is the essence, or the truth contained in that Chaos

To be shaped into a piece of art, it requires the eyes and skills of a master who is both willing and able.

A master has honed a unique perspective on life and will use it like so:

The next steps require patience, competence and attention to detail

The idea behind the three last slides was to represent a "coming together" of many things to create a new one.

Let's now go into the practicality of things.

How do you become that "Ideal" BIT

The first step is to break the BIT into 4 smaller bits

These 4 bits are like microcosmos which which are governed by their own set of rules.

These are the 4 main worlds, called: Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit

What we are interested in right now is in coming to a simple way of creating Order out of Chaos into these worlds

There is one that some of you already know and those are the BIT size Truths

That is a way for me to create Order out of the Chaos in the world of my mind.

But it is more than that because it is also creating a method to make beauty from that Order.

And even more because the truths we share also nurture courage because they ENcourage others to do the same

Oh you will love this... "Truth" is the action which is good for you, for others and good for the world.

Truths demands you to sacrifice the things you are attached to, and also afraid of in exchange for:

C o u r a g e

You will now it is Truth because it will ENcourage others to do the same.

We'll call them the: "Four bit Truths"

I'll get to them in the next piece because this one grew too large.

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