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rosarlei 👊
Autoplay OFF   •   17 days ago
This might become a campaign for a sailing company

It will be three videos with the following Copy being read in the background

What do you all think?

Keep the ball rolling

What is happening? We have a person called the seeker. Someone who goes into the past (tradition) to rescue something of value to safe the future.

That seeker is reading from letters or memories of the things his father told him, which in turn came from his grandfather

Each part contains a lesson about how to deal with the "Storm". How to act BEFORE, DURING and AFTER it happens.

Here it is:

"You know, your grandfather, he had this thing he would always say to me:"

(before) Our place on this earth Although it's well deserved it's also one we must earn

(during) The things we are made of And in the way that I raised you In THEM you can trust

(after) Once it is all over, remember: Storms are part of life and, Tragedy... does not need a fall guy

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