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Understanding betrayal, a BIT


It IS the worst -

The first thing: Betrayal IS the worst thing that can happen to you.

The second​ thing: Betrayal IS when things don't happen according to plan. AT ALL

You ARE supposed to be in absolute agony and pain.

That means it is working

Unexpectedly losing a person you love, is interpreted as Betrayal, (Even a literal death)

However, we associate "betrayal" with someone else doing something that we did not want.

As a result, your life can collapse across all planes Past, Present​ AND Future.


To be correctly betrayed, it has to be done by someone you love, trust and even admire.

But what does betrayal really mean to your body? Why does it have such a catastrophic result?

Reality is infinitely complex and to deal with it we do two things:

1. We drastically reduce the resolution of everything we encounter

2. We turn EVERYTHING into a "tool"

We "tool" the world such that we can take action on it and extract what we need to live

You don't need to know the DNA composition of a tree in order to know that you can use the wood to light a fire.

If you can use wood to create a fire to cook and to keep warm, that means you succeeded at "tooling" the tree.

You basically JUDGED the fuck out of that tree, by reducing it to: "Thing to make fire"

If you haven't noticed, we are always "tooling" the world around us.

It's not because we are shortsighted or biased, but because our main concern will always be:

T a k e A c t i o n

Knowledge & understanding are only good is they are the precursors to action.

What type of action?

The best type of action is the kind which is:

Sustainable across time, good for you, for others, good TODAY and also good for the future.

Where were we?

Right, betrayal

In turns out that our world is not made of "things" which we turn to tools,

It is made out of human beings which we "tool" and then hang from our handy-man leather belts

Now imagine that you think you got a good and reliable "Hammer" hanging from the belt

When you get home, you are going to nail something really hard on to your bedroom walls

You get home, open the door and reach for that trusty hammer.

You run-up to the bedroom, nail and hammer in hand and ready to start banging!

You hold the nail in place, and let your right arm travel back before swinging it forward and then...


What used to be a hammer had "suddenly" turned to a hand grenade and now you are splattered all over

And look! you are in a cave now and everything is dark AND scary

While you lay there in a pool of gore, these thoughts drop by:

"Did it "suddenly" change into a grenade, or was it always one??"

"What about all those nails that I hammered... I could've died from those??"

"What kind of stupid idiot confuses a hammer with a fucking grenade??!!"

"Wait...what other "tools" in my belt are also military grade explosives??"

"Are ALL tools explosive??"

"What kind of GOD makes explosives that LOOK and feel like tools??"

"I better throw away ALL my tools..."

"I should also start to tell everyone that ALL tools are evil."

"Is GOD punishing me for being such an evil person?"

"Did I deserve this??"


wow.... w h a t t h e ... what the fuck was that?

It's probably nothing, I should just ignore it.

Where was I?

Right, the cave.... Well, this fucking sucks...

I clearly can not trust other "tools"; nor can I trust my "tooling" skills...

I'll just stay in this cave until we no longer need to "tool" up the world

There is probably a bunch of scientist out there working on it as we speak

I'll be fine


hmmm...that voice again. Probably nothing, let's go to the bar and get a drink

While that person get's drunk for 6 months, I'll show you what he will have to do to get better

You need to create a theory of reality that has a higher resolution than the one you had

Because betrayal means you encountered things which you ignored before

A higher resolution model will include those new things and then you have to tool them correctly

But you don't want to go ALL the way to 100% on your first round

Otherwise you won't have the stomach to fuck them...I mean the strength to hammer them know what I mean

What you need to take away from this is the following:

Betrayal, although the worst thing that can happen, is a normal part of life

You can "tool" betrayal and use it as feedback to refine the lens with which you look at life.

You can see betrayal as the necessary forest fire which HAS to occur every so many years.

Of course, if you had the skills and willingness to tend your forest, maybe it would not burn so hot

But if you really want to learn how to properly tool the world around you I create "something" (free)

Which helps you solve your present, past and future by teaching how speak and act truthfully

Because the only thing that can get you out of the cave and keep you out, is your Character.

And your character is built by BIT-size Truths

So click on the link on my BIO, because I put together something you might really enjoy

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