It fills my life with meaning -
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rosarlei 👊
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We are creatures who LOVE to create abstract structures upon which we can then create beautiful and useful Order out of Chaos.

It fills my life with meaning -

Last night I attended an art exhibition by Marina Zumi.

While I was there, I had an exciting conversation with a Musician / former SEO expert about the importance of Order.

It started with the idea that most people are not thrilled about working.

So, if you show up willing to work and learn, we from the service industry will love you

My point was that: THE skill to have, is the ability to put things back into Order.

Though to do it, you need to understand the underlying hierarchy and then arrange according to it.

That is not easy at ALL. Specially in the domain of service, food and events.

As someone who taught calculus and was involved in Change Management projects on the level of corporations,

I have no encountered a job that is a difficult as the one I currently do. Which is why it retains my interest.

Back in the art gallery, I was explaining how the routine of cleaning my room led me to strip it "bare".

Which seems to be improving my life in countless ways by removing unnecessary "Chaos."

That's because we seem to be wired to spot when things are out of place.

That process alone requires the use of energy which could instead be use more productively

He mentioned the word minimalism. But that's not really what I have done with my room.

All I wanted was to have a space which aligned itself with my goals and did not create unnecessary obstacles

I was not interested in in how things "looked". My believe is that aesthetics will naturally emerge after a person masters Order

And that is what gave me an idea today:

We move around from one place (or emotional state) to the other. Depending on our POV these things can be obstacles or challenges

That made me realize the power of taking personal responsibility.

Because if things are your "fault," then the constraint is feedback telling you that you need to make a change.

But if you don't take responsibility and instead default to victim, the barrier is now personally trying to stop you. That irritates.

That is a problem if it induces resentment, which leads to contempt, & other toxic emotions.

The guy I talked to said that he did not seem to care all that much if the desk was dusty (although he then realized he did.)

We came up with the example of a Piano (because he is a musician).

I told him the following:

When you create music with your Piano, you are taking something you don't understand, and laying it on top of a structure.

All the white keys in your Piano are the same size, and it would be tough to play if they were not.

Also, the keys are arranged from low to high and not placed randomly across the instrument.

We are creatures who LOVE to create abstract structures upon which we can then create beautiful and useful Order out of Chaos.

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