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rosarlei 👊
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What is Magic and what is Science?
At what rate should we use them?

Is not one OR the other -

Some people treat science in the manner that others still treat religion.

And we do the same thing with every other social structure we live in, (including our bodies.)

We relate to our reality in the same way that a young child would to his parents.

We first idolize them as perfect beings, and give them complete power over our life

But that ideal soon turns into the thing that judges us in the harshest way possible.

Once we are in our teens, and self-consciousness​ kick into gear, we "rebel" against everything we used to admire.

The debt we have to our social structures is SO incredibly large, that the notion of making demands from it seems insane.

We are as trust fund teens who bitch and complain about our parents (society) for not being "fair"

it is that same POV on life which robs people of every ounce of power, and chips away at their strength and character

So, what is science, really?

Science is a technique for linear thinking

It is a way for us to reliably and demonstrably exert changes in the physical reality in order to make useful things.

Which is beyond insane, that we figured out a way to do anything in a reliable manner.

But that is all thanks to the fact that we miraculously inhabit cultures that are stable

Back to science

Linear thinking means that the world is VASTLY simplified and reduced to TWO variables at a time

In which A follows B, which is in accordance to how our perception of time affects how we interact with life

Fuck, I am exhausting myself even...anyway

The AMAZING thing about science is that it can be taught and replicated regardless of IQ, EQ or life experience

That is INSANE in every conceivable way, since it means that a kid can build a bomb by reading the instructions...

It grants people with power that they did not earn and that can be quite dangerous.

Let's now talk about magic:

Magic is about throwing fireballs, as much as alchemy was about turning led to gold.

Real magic is called: Ritual Magic, and we are practicing it EVERYDAY but we don't know it.

At it's core, ritual magic emerges from developing a DEEP respect for the material world we inhabit.

"Things" are not just things because everything is created by you & then it is manifested.

You think it is just a "chair" but it is actually a part of you and how you treat it ends up being how you treat yourself

If you do not treat yourself correctly, you won't be able to trust yourself and that is why you drown in a meaningless existence.

You have the capacity to insert MEANING into the rituals with which you interact with the world

It is so self-evident that we don't see it anymore

The intention and the meaning that you bring into the things you do is what allows your "soul" to transcend your body

And lastly:

All that I said is USELESS if you do not develop a real level of competence and skills that allow you to interact with the world

You need to be for life, what a professional surgeon is to their patients

If you are incompetent and pessimistic and cowardly and so on...why the fuck should you have the life you intuitively wish?

Just asking...

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