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Easy & Quick way to make your own flowery backgrounds. Or download them for free:


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Image Enlarger - Pro Tip #1

Hello! This short piece will give you a simple trick to improve the quality of your background images

I will use put up another set of backgrounds and I'll show you how I created these.

The backgrounds are available for free at:

The backgrounds are available for free at:

The backgrounds are available for free at: Link in the description!

In yesterday's post (link below) we talked about the issue with stock images, and how they tend to lack ambiguity

Because flow is so important, one technique for backgrounds is to take ONE image and subdivide into small ones

The problem is that when we zoom into an image, we are likely to encounter pixelation if the resolution is not high enough.

Say that you have a story or poem that you want to tell using flowers and bees.

You could use many different pictures of those two subjects or you could take one photo and play with the different elements in it.

That way your piece looks and feels more cohesive. (Unless you don't want that)

Let's take this random image:

The first thing I need is the main image (square to fit the commaful format) This is how I tried to extract it:

Yesterday I told you about the "rule of thirds" In this case it means that we need to try and locate the important elements around those red dots.

Right now the flower and butterfly are taking the center of the stage (sort of) and that makes the picture lacking in "movement"

BTW, I have very rudimentary knowledge of images and how to work with them. I am giving you these things as I have come to understand them.

which is probably good enough to get you started, just do not quote anything I say here ;)

So I lay a black filter on the entire image and now I show you how I cropped it:

This image is very hard to crop because there is not enough of it to play with. I did my best to push the butterfly to the lower right area of the image,

and I also tried to make the distance between the frame and the butterfly wings to be as equal as possible. But that is as good as it get's with this one.

with my limited skills, of course

Now we want to take that image and crop it, and let me show you what happens when we zoom into it:

The image has a resolution of 639x533 and we want the number be about twice as large as that.

To do that you simply go to a website such as: and enlarge your image for free

I did that and now my image is: 1278 × 1066

here is the original crop:

here it is with new ress:



Now you know how to do that, so let's crop a few images.

I'll also show you things that I would NOT to do, to try to give you a feeling for it.

However, you should still seek out this knowledge from people specialized in it, Youtube is full of them.

Let's start:

It's ok

not ok

not OK, that hint of a rose petal down there is distracting. Unless you want foreshadow something to the reader, in which case you might use this image.

I cropped and rotated (this is all using the Commaful cropping tool, btw)

I was looking for a way to isolate the flowers and leave the butterfly out to limit the amount of variables in the picture.

this would be kind of weird and distracting

This is bad because both the flower and butterfly have been maimed and there is no sense of "subject" in the photo.

it looks like they are trying to run away from it

I decided to choose this one, which I made by using the Commaful cropping grid to place the butterfly head and flower center, on the lower third area and to the sides

I also like the top of the image because it is not focused and offers a more neutral color to balance a picture that has a LOT going on.

So far we have these images:

As you can see, they each increase the amount of variables, that allows your reader to anchor themselves

The expect flowers and so a butterfly, although gladly surprising, it is not a "shock" that distracts

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for your attention and if you would like to have these images, the link is down below:

one last thing

I never try to make anything "perfect", I don't like to work for longer than a certain amount of time, otherwise, the story get's stale and boring

I know that getting good or decent will take years, so I try to get a little bit better at it with each day.

when you do this technique, a good enough image is a good enough image.

Get the story out, learn from it and try it again the next day.

that is my approach.

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