If you could hear what I hear -
If you could hear what I hear - hearing stories
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I am bored with pessimism.
The problem with an Echo-Chamber

If you could hear what I hear -

I get bumped out when I hear someone say: "the world sucks, society is unfair, the rich this and that."

it takes SO little effort to dismiss what human beings spent 250.000 years building.

Most people will applaud when you speak that way, which is a nice incentive

Life IS unfair and will always be that way. Inequality is BUILT into the very fabric of reality

Inequality and violence are not the result of human endeavor​, but the natural state of things.

Culture and society are imperfect & outdated ALWAYS. But they keep you alive and fed and they educate you.

You think it's bad now because you are not aware of how it could be infinitely worse.

You claim for respect, empathy & love while you pour your dissatisfaction on the "society"

I know that IF you we working towards our improvement, you would understand how complex it really is.

I could show you facts to prove that there are infinite reasons to be grateful and optimistic.

But you will not have any of it.

Because your feelings justify the lack of action which made you weak in the first place.

Society is EVERYTHING you claim, but also the very opposite of it.

The problem with being grateful is that it means we have to give up our hate and resentment.

And good luck even admitting you have those emotions.

It also means you have to work and sacrifice to keep things from deteriorating.

Because that is what is happening​. While the vast majority sits & complaints, the others go to work and sacrifice

No one corrects you because the time is better spent doing anything else.

Except me, because I still haven't matured.

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