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Or any social media outlet in today's time
uuuuuuhhhh RANT TIME! ^^

How to properly use Commaful -

I have issues with anger, and that is because I have very similar personality traits to the ones you have

One of them is compassion, and the other agreeableness

I have also lived enough to realize that people who are agreeable and compassionate default into believing they are "good", thus better.

It's the other form of ego inflation that occurs on the "narcissistic spectrum"

On this side,​ we feel very good about ourselves when we offer support/ empathy to someone who is hurting

And we tell ourselves that aggression is clearly bad, and that those who hurt us in school are "primitive"

That's because you do not understand things like the Edipo complex, or the devouring mother and what it does to people.

You can absolutely wreck a human being by giving nothing but compassion and understanding.

Because you make them weak and unable to fend for themselves, which is kind of what you want, because they won't leave u

How else is compassion and agreeableness a problem?

They are a problem because you are not a single unit human being, but more like a loosely​ tied connection of different personalities

So much so, that earlier traditions came up with the idea of the Gods in order to archetypically​ represent these human events

What this means is that even though you think it's OK to let others win, and that that competition is bad, you do not fully mean it.

There are unacknowledged parts of you which do NOT like to be stepped on, or bullied or argued over.

And they will eventually overtake you and make you do things you can't imagine yourself ever doing.

Society as a living entity, emerges to serve an array of different functions which aim at the correct use of your human persona

Society must first be strict and tyrannical in order to subdue the unacknowledge darkness that dwells in people.

That means it has laws which it can enforce by law in order to punish those who act outside of the norms

That Order is the necessary condition for the electricity to work, which powers all of the other things we use to work and live in peace.

Society is a miracle that is far beyond what any of us can comprehend, and it can be wiped out in the snap of finger, as it has before.

It's very easy to criticize society because: A. We don't understand it B. It doesn't answer back C. Nothing happens

It's just like raising your fist at the sky and blaming God and everyone else for your misfortunes and inabilities.

Then along come the overly compassionate bunch and tell you how "right" you are to be angry and how bad they feel for poor you.

And because you that is exactly what you wanted to hear, you believe it. You are now justified in your anger, and they feel Gandhi​-like

And for a tenth of a second, it seems that everyone won, except it isn't true.

Because both sides are participating in a conspiracy that subtract power out of the INDIVIDUAL

Once power is taken from one person, it is easier to take it from the other.

Then one day, the economy does a belly flop and all goes to hell. And because no one has been practicing being a grown-up​...

The Chaos will ensure that the people choose ONE strong man to lead them back into heaven

It doesn't take long before that man truly believes himself to be God and soon after people start dying by the thousands.

So don't lie ;)

( I basically told you the story of my country and every other country who felt to a Tyranny )

If you know anything about history, you'll see that people turn violent at the drop of a hat.

If you have ever been to school, chances are you have seen or "suffered" bullying. (It might be a certainty for people on this site)

Think about how quickly others suddenly turned against you, or you against them.

This is why entire Religions and spiritual practices have arisen all over the world in order to show people how to properly live

What you should know is that this whole thing comes down to something called: C h a r a c t e r

What character means is that you have carved your body, soul, mind & spirit in such a way that you can't be easily "possessed​"

The problem is that building your character is the work of a lifetime and it only barely puts a dent on your potential for growth

I say problem because most people seem to lack the patience to do things which are right and meaningful; my question is WHY?

Why do we lack the patience to do what is meaningful, not expedient?

There were 3 opportunities in my life in which I felt immensely pressure to not live the life I wanted

All three times had to do with bad relationships I had involved myself in which shook my self-trust​.

Other than that, I fail to care about status, money, women things, recognition etc...

I have been this way all my life, but most dramatically since I was 30.

And there is nothing better than this, and I want you to have it

So I had to ask myself: How come I have the luxury of NOT caring about the things that I am constantly been told to care about?

I don't have to go anywhere to prove that I don't care: All you have to do is look at the numbers I used to get:

And let's not forget about the whole month I spent telling you the MOST embarrassing​ things that ever happened to me:

I barely get 30 pages reads nowadays​. But instead of putting out less content or lowering the quality,

I tripled down.

I am in a Streak of 48 days of consecutively posting 2-3 times a day.

The question I keep asking myself is: How come I have the confidence to do this?

How come I have always been someone who likes to give and does not feel jealous of other people?

and I finally got my answer,

which was not easy to digest because it's a blow to the ego, as with anything which you did not earn

A big part of the reason I have often behaved in an "honorable" way is because of how I was parented by my mom and grandmother

There were things they encouraged which not only made me a nice kid to play with, it made me attractive.

But it was more than that, they were the IDEAL female and they approved the way I was.

That is the thing which set me up for life. Not because it causes me to win, but because it makes it OK for me to lose so often.

I'll say it again: Life is about losing as much and as hard as you possibly can as you make yourself authentic

I am sure that the reason I was not the jealous type, was because I had IT.

I made the Commafultips site, partly because I like to teach, partly because I love to see others improve...but a big part of me...

Wanted to feel challenged by other users so that I would be motivated to create above my current lvl

And I really had and still very much have, whatever it is that makes women be attracted to men.

Because it does NOT matter where you put me, women (specially the good looking) will flock to where I am

Why is that happening? It goes back to what my mother and my grandmother did for me.

First, they nurtured my curiosity and allowed me to try everything, but they never over sheltered​ me, which made me competent

I can play almost any sport and learn any field of study and be good at any job you out me in. Because I have that positive feedback loop.

So, women are reacting to the "innocent" part which is willing to learn, but also to the part willing to take risks and share what he has.

On top of that, I have an idealistic and romantic nature which made me incredibly interested in women and they felt that.

But also, I am someone who you can flirt with and will suddenly turn into a stalker because I know that most of is not serious.

Meaning that 7 out of 10 times, a woman is batting her eyes at me to see if she can get a reaction to boost her ego.

Women do this ALL the time at all places and in a manner which is indiscriminate. As revealed by the state of social media.

And they know it very well. They do because they have been making faces at their dad's since they were 1 and they KNOW what works.

Trust me. If you are a guy, you have no chance against a woman that knows how properly put a spell on you.

Napoleon and Caesar did not stand a chance against teenagers (basically), so you have zero chance. You have been warned.

But even with all that, the amount of times I have been rejected by women is so LARGE, no one here would believe it's possible

I have dealt with crazy amounts of rejection in my life in general.

For example, between April 2010 and Mai 2012 I sent 250+ full-fleshed and customized job applications in Berlin

Which went unanswered except ONE which said: "No, thank you"

As someone with three languages, well educated and who graduated top of his class, that hurts.

Especially because I was applying for entry level positions to jobs I did not really want.

I have fallen into prolonged periods of anxiety and depression which caused me to stutter like mad, due to how much I failed.

I am telling you this because I get the feeling that people think life is supposed to be easy and just work they way they want

The truth is that even if were handpicked​ by God itself, you are going to get the SHIT beat out of you.

Which is why I have often been very outspoken to some of you about what I think of your actions.

Because it is clear that they will not lead you to a good place due to the lack of truth in it.

And please, trust me when I say that: Even if you are "honorable" and as straight as you can, BAD things will happen.

By bad I mean that you will wish that you were dead before having to deal with a 10th of it.

You need to take this very seriously, because your character is the only thing that will give you a slight chance at getting out of hell

So, the question would be, what should you focus on in order to make yourself strong, so that you can enjoy life as it is meant to be?

Well, the conclusion I am starting to draw is that you need to aim at becoming the Archetypical Male or Woman

The reason is that other people will look at you and they will react to that ideal which you are nurturing and they will like you for it

That will make it less likely that you use your power to mentally or physically​ manipulate and hurt other people.

Since this site is mostly populated by women, let's use them as example:

You women may be able to fool most guys out there, but you can not fool me, because I don't want anything from you.

It's comical because women will not trust other women, because they know perfectly well how manipulative they all are.

(Which is not necessarily a bad thing, and I don't mean it as one either.)

There are two reasons why it is good that women continue to manipulate men

Generally speaking, men are "one-eye" monsters. (Unless they are properly developed.) And monsters need to be charmed.

In fact, the monster in us LOVES to be charmed because it means you are accepting who we are, and think we have value

Except that VERY often, you are batting your eyes at us because you want confirmation that you can arouse the monster in men

Which sometimes is OK, and other times is simply a cheap trick that weakens everyone's character

The world I see today in the west is populated by a lot of women who do not understand the price they pay for showing their body

This is VERY obvious in any social media, but especially​ IG, Twitch and of course the Live Sex Cams websites

There are several problems with that behaviour, one of them, which we won't talk about is this:

The only reason why you a 16-year-old girl can be out with half of her ass hanging out her shorts is because: SOCIETY.

What these behaviors​ indicate is the willingness to produce certain emotions and feelings on the opposite sex, and for what reason?

Does that mean that the women and girls who do it are saying that they want to be harassed and raped? NO, obviously not.

What they are saying is that they want the attention SO badly, that they are willing to reduce themselves to a body part.

(And anyone can argue what I said and call me names, but everyone knows what is what and what is not because we are blind but not stupid.)

They are also willing to exploit the fact that 1st world countries( such as Germany) will ensure that they are safe, REGARDLESS

It is also telling the men (and our "one-eye -monster") that they don't care much for what sort of dark things are aroused.

For my perspective, for all the talking that women do about men and how they don't get don't act like you get men AT ALL

The powers of seduction that women possess must be carefully trained and developed to be used for good.

"Good" would be to properly guide the aggression of the man they choose, and to protect themselves and children from threats

(That is an example of the top of my head.)

In the same way that men should be trained in many things, including combat sports and how to write, so they won't be fools.

So that they learn the true extent​ of their power and how to use their aggression correctly.

My point is that if you want to be able to place yourself outside tyrannical structure aspect of society, you need to aim towards the ideal

What I do is that I never look at women on the street, particularly if they are wearing something revealing

That is because I noticed that my persona and character is made weaker by taking part in such a thing.

I also don't practice any casual sex, and have not really done so for a very long time. 7 years (2 exceptions)

Which is NOT an easy thing to do because women do NOT like when you don't want to have sex with them

It's funny for me to hear some women talk about how men can not handle rejection...

(Sadly, I still have the urge which lands me in a pornography site from time to time, especially​ if I am not hard at work.)

(Nothing like the scorn of a woman you rejected to thoroughly traumatize you all the way to your grandchildren.)

So, what is the correct way to use Commaful?

You take advantage of it's overly compassionate nature and exploit it.

But you exploit it correctly. You don't aim for likes, because Likes mean nothing here, you aim at building your courage.

And you make sure that every piece you make is an experiment in some way. Some form of growth has to take place.

You need the truth to clear your vision and to withstand the crushing power of the real world. Which you have likely not met yet.

So, cover your butt, go easy on the flirting, forget about the Likes and pay attention to how actions and thoughts affect your integrity.

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