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How to get the Girl - Dating Tips & Tricks

I don't why I haven't talked about this subject before.

*Sound of knuckle cracking*

I have shared the most personal and embarrassing stories with all of you, but I never talked about my sex life.

Today I will

Today I will not do that

Mainly because I don't have one, since I retired about 7 years ago.

There is also nothing about the details of my past which would add you value.

No, I won't share the details

Instead, I will write down everything into a site that is mostly populated by women.

And I can assure you they will be nodding their heads as they read through the content

If I even remotely stepped out of line, any one​ of them could say so in public, which means I better know what I'm talking about.

So, I thought we could start with the darn...

- F R I E N D Z O N E -

the Friend-Zone is the politically correct way of saying:

"You are good enough to boost my confidence and make me feel pretty, but you are NOT boyfriend material."

And that is actually NOT a bad deal for you, and it doesn't mean that the girl is purely using you or anything like that.

It simply means you need to step it up and figure out a BUNCH of things before you can play THAT league.

What should you do?

You need to put distance between the both of you until the "love" wears out

What if you found a way to seduce her?

The thing about women is that they are not like men at ALL.

I can't go into it right now, but the main "job" that women have is making men feel self-conscious.

Female sexual selection rules everything that exists on this earth.

It's THE thing.

What that means, in part is that it takes a female anywhere between 0.5 and 3 sec. to size you up

You got to keep in mind that these systems have been refined for millions of years and they are SHARP.

When women walk down a busy street, their brains are subconsciously going:

" ....nah!...*Hold Breath*... *Quint Eyes to look closer"... nah...*sigh*...nop...HELL NO...

" thank...OMFG wtf..NO! ...hmmm...maybe...nop... ....oh God! are there ANY good men around here?!"

And that is if they are having a good day.

You are not ready to know what is going on in those heads when they are pissed off...

For that reason, my dear insufficient-fellow-man, the first rule of fight cl... of dating women is:

Pay attention to the signals that they are giving you.

If (for some reason) a female likes you, she will let you know by looking at you several times and smiling.

Some are very good at it and others ... are not.

But the point here is this:

You don't ever "pick-up" a girl or make her fall in love with you with a lovely romantic gesture

The nature of the gesture, or the words and actions that you employ is not the least bit important.

If they LIKE you, then everything you do will be amazing and incredibly romantic

If they don't like you and never gave you the signal to approach them, and you come in with a romantic gesture...

you are now a C.R.E.E.P

Being defined as creep has NOTHING to do with the gesture and everything to do with how unattractive you are to that female

Avoid doing silly things that may land you in that category.

What I am giving you is VERY good news, and for some reason this something that is not talked about...

Never look at a girl YOU like, and start to think how to get HER

What you need to do is pay attention to the ones who ARE flashing their eyes at you and smiling

and go talk to them

Girls do NOT take rejection well at ALL and if they like you, you will find out.


You are fixated on the one girl with which you stand no chance.

I wouldn't take romantic advise from Hollywood screen writers...just saying.

What if no woman is smiling or looking at you?


That is why God invented jobs and careers.

There are many things that women (generally) respond to, but you want to focus on the virtuous ones and not the rest.

Arguably, the number one thing that women respond to is something called: "Competence"

Having a high level of competence and skill is absolutely a must and probably the most important on the list

The other thing which women are VERY attracted towards is a man who has managed to reintegrate aspects of his innocence​.

That means that the man can be passionate and full of courage and the willingness to share and bring people together.

Those are the two main things that will ensure that you grow in the correct direction.

Enough for today.

I enjoy hearing about your thoughts and ideas, as well as listening to any questions you might have, so don't be shy ^^

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