How to be Competent - LL&T Series Part 4

How to be Competent - 

LL&T Series Part 4 croissant stories

rosarlei 👊
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Do you swing from miserably anxious to sadly unmotivated?
You might be thinking of yourself as a croissant
How about you try "this" instead?

How to be Competent - LL&T Series Part 4

The difference between someone who can navigate life and those who crash, has a lot to do with something called:

D u a l T h i n k i n g

it is what Zen Monasteries spend most of their time trying to teach their students.

For example: Most people are either too confident or delusional, while others are not confident enough

But real happiness comes when you can sense the tensions that occur inside of you...

Whenever one force starts to take over, you can increase the tension of the other, and keep things tuned.

Let's take a look at this picture:

The red string represents "under-confident" The blue string represents "over-confident"

If a person is under-confident they will twist that string like so:

anxiety ->

As you see, the red string is all tangled up and now the person is anxious

What you want to do instead is interlace both strings like so:

Which is easier said than done, because we judge the other side and deem them the enemy

The problem is realizing that you need both sides or both "strings" in order to have a whole.

Now, if you take the strings and increase the tension TOO much, this is what happens:

What you want to do is to develop a sensitivity for that tension which occurs inside of you, until you get this:

Your body becomes like an instrument which needs to be constantly tuned in order to work or "sound" the way you want it.

And here are the good news:

The more you tune it up, the less often you will have to do it and the better you'll get at it.

You'll eventually be able to do with everything and it won't be a struggle.

Thank you!

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