How to be Competent - LL&T Series Part 3

How to be Competent - 

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rosarlei 👊
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Labels = Anxiety = NO motivation
Why calling yourself a writer / poet might be working against you

How to be Competent - LL&T Series Part 3

Yesterday we talked about the importance of being "sold" on the thing that you are doing

The idea of "meaning" as something that human beings can consciously insert into everything that they do.

However, that was not the problem that Kira was facing.

Thank you @kira for allowing me to show these messages. It's very helpful and courageous of you to do so.

The problem Kira is/was facing is one that many have including myself.

Let's quickly define what a label is used for.

A label is something we use to identify the thing which we want to talk about.

Say that look ahead and this image appears in front of your eyes:

Let's suppose that we have not agreed on which words are used to describe what. (Because we are JUST about create our language.)

The first thing we have to do is to "cut out" a part of that image and then give it a label.

The red area is called: Forest We cut it that way because it serves our purpose. (Maybe I want you to go past the forest to reach the river.)

We can then make another cut out from the things we are looking at, like so:

We will call those: Clouds Because it seems that when they show up, "stuff" falls down from up there.

But notice that using a label will DRAMATICALLY simplify the real nature of the objects that we are talking about.

When we use a label, we give up and ignore all of the things which make that thing unique.

When you say the word: Forest you are ignoring the type of tree, the animals, insects, plants, earth type etc​.

(Now you have a better idea of the problem with language and why communicating anything is so problematic.)

You are doing excellent!

If you self impose a label such as "writer" or "poet", you might experience a certain amount of relief from it.

A label turns yourself from an infinitely complex thing into one which manageable. (And easier to present)

But as you have probably realized by now, it tends to come at a huge price.

One of which is: "writers block"

I have never in my entire life had "writers block" because I am not a "writer".

When we see someone being refered to as: "Author, writer director, designer etc.."

The message is usually coming from someone else who is trying to promote this person to the outside world. (A marketer)

The "author" might very well NOT use any of those labels on themselves, but there are times when it's necessary.

On social media it seems that everyone is "something". We see a lot of people who label themselves with titles such as:

Entrepreneur, CEO, DJ, Poet Label yourself at your own peril...

You self impose a label out insecurity because you are concerned about what others think of you.

What others think of you IS important. It is your reputation. But it can not be a factor which determines your self-esteem​.

If it does, it means you lost.

So, how do you get over it?

So, how do you get over it? How do you become someone who does not ultimately care about what others think of them?

Let me give you a few things which you can do NOW to move in that direction:

1. 99 % of the people's opinions don't matter at ALL.

You should only care about the 1% of the people who make things happen, because they are the ones who you will NEVER fool.

Please understand, that you can only fool the 99% of the people whose opinion do not matter anyway. Do not be a poser.

That 99% who will look down on you because you are not a "New York Times" best seller or a CFO of wtvshit...

Those people suck, and they don't mean anything.

The 1% ONLY really cares about a few things:

The 1% ONLY really cares about a few things: 1. Work Ethic

The 1% ONLY really cares about a few things: 1. Work Ethic 2. Honesty

The 1% ONLY really cares about a few things: 1. Work Ethic 2. Honesty 3. Talent & Skill

The 1% ONLY really cares about a few things: 1. Work Ethic 2. Honesty 3. Talent & Skill 4. Kindness

Your goal is not to impress anyone, your goal is to remain as true to yourself as you possibly can.

Please know, that the VAST majority of the people you see on social media who sport great "titles" are simply pretending to be that.

If someone asks what you do: You could say: "I am a student/waiter​ and I enjoy writing" OR "I am learning to become a writer right now"

IF using the label of "writer" seems to be working against you, try that approach. Each person has to figure out how life works for them.

Don't be angry at posers. Take it with HUMOR . . .

Have a lovely day!

I know I said: "Don't be angry at them" But I hate them ^^

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