How to be Competent - LL&T Series Part 2

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How to be Competent - LL&T Series Part 2

H e l l o a n d W e l c o m e

T o a n o t h e r e p i s o d e o f

T o a n o t h e r e p i s o d e o f L e a r n i n g t o b e

T o a n o t h e r e p i s o d e o f L e a r n i n g t o b e C O M P E T E N T

w i t h y o u r h o s t


RoooOOOooooOOOoo SaaaAAAAaaaaAAAaaaaa

RoooOOOooooOOOoo SaaaAAAAaaaaAAAaaaaa RRRrrrrrrRRrrrrrrrrrRR




o n t o d a y' s s h o w:

or not SOLD?

Let's get RIGHT to it! (because 20% of the budget was spent on the intro, we'll have to cut the show a bit shorter)

@kira asks:

This is very interesting, so I asked her: "Are they your own projects or more like school work?"

I then asked one last question: "According to your own standards, or someone else's?"

The Punch line is: "Kira, you are NOT lazy (Lazy is not really a "thing") You are simply​ not SOLD"

The goal is to nudge Kira from a feeling of "defeat" and into a feeling of "victory". "Pessimistic" -> "Optimistic"

If you are "stuck" on negative emotions, you are simply lacking perspective.

<- If you stand here, you are pessimistic.

-> If you stand on the right you are being NAIVE

^ You want to be the red stickgirl

As a human being, you need to understand the MEANING behind the things you do in order to WANT to do them.

If you suddenly do not want to do something it means:

1. Stop doing it.

1. Stop doing it. or 2. Get new reasons.

Suddenly NOT wanting to do something (even if you were SUPER excited 5 min ago or you have been doing it for 30 years...)

is absolutely OK and normal

it can even be VERY good.

I'll tell you a story: From age 8 to 21 I was "lazy" and I labeled myself that way as well.

I almost did not graduate because I was failing PE or Physical Education...

My first three years of university went by in a haze of parties, booze, girls, surfing and LOTs of video games.

I wanted a lot more but I also couldn't get myself to care about any of the things that I heard were supposed to be important.

Money? Stability? A career? I tried so hard to care about these things...I just couldn't.

We are privileged​ to live in a world in which we don't need those things as much as we did in the past. Keep that in mind, please.

Through a very bad break up I realized important things about myself and made the changes I needed to make.

It was not even remotely easy to convince my parents to support my choice of changing from Computing Engineering to Liberal Arts.

But it's doable.

On my "BA Thesis", and "Final Examination" I received the highest honors (conclusively)

Had not been for the low grades I accumulated during the first three years, I would have graduated as Magna Cum Laude.

How do you go from "lazy" to Honor student in one day?

you find the MEANING

You need to negotiate with yourself and find out what it is that you ultimately care about.

You will forever be in constant search in order to renew and bring new meaning to your life.

We are "meaning seekers"

If you are not doing something it simply indicates that you are not SOLD on it.

It means there is a deeper connection which is lacking.

Why do we freak out about it?

If YOU freak out about it, it speaks to a personality trait or a set of learned believes which make you see "novelty" as something bad.

I personally LOVE novelty so much, that I will NOT do a piece unless I am doing something new.

But all my life I was labeled as "unreliable" and "fickle" by people who had no clue what they were talking about.

Because even at age 5, I knew I didn't have ADHD. I could play Nintendo for 8 hours you motherfucker...

School was simply boring...

But people insisted that there was a problem with me, to the point that they tried to give me ADHD medication.

A note: On his deathbed, the guy who invented ADHD admitted it as a made-up disease.

To conclude:

ANY theory or perspective or point of view about life, society, people and YOU...

and I mean ANY perspective of life which uses b l a m e and does not EMPOWER you to take responsibility for your own life...

is BS made up by losers

<- losers

The majority of people will hold a pessimistic perspective because being a loser takes no effort.

You stop doing things and you lose and get bitter

Ros, why do they do that?

Because miserable people LOVE company.

They feel much better if they can convince everyone of how bad everything is. It is how they justify what they do.

But you also don't want to avoid the fact that life is dangerous and that people are capable of tearing each other to pieces

naive ->

Often times a person will say they are "Realist" but all they are is pessimistic​.

Other will tell you that they are "Optimistic" but their actions and words point to them being naive.

^ Optimism

Real optimism is not just a choice, but the irrefutable realization that GOOD is way stronger than bad.

The "problem" with GOOD, is that it requires work, patience, truth, talent, competence, love...

But most of all...

But most of all... to be "good" you need to use your imagination to fully understand the darkest corners of the mind of a human being.

Only the strong can be good. Only those who CAN hurt and are in fact willing to cause pain to another human being, but choose NOT to do it, can be called good.

We all make excuses and figure out loopholes, because doing things the right way takes an unimaginable amount of work. And the sacrifice of what you MOST care about...

and nobody can do or should be able to go through that unless they become expert "meaning finders" and renew their own spirit as often as they can.

If you have meaning, you will choose the right path.

Thank you for watching!

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