How to be Competent - LL&T Series Part 1

How to be Competent - 

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16 min to learn how to overcome anxiety and insecurity
If you want lasting self CONFIDENCE: Get competent.

How to be Competent - LL&T Series Part 1

A l l o w m e t o w h i p y o u i n t o t h e c r e a m t h a t w i l l r i s e t o t h e T O P

You are the little stick man and everything outside of that blue sphere is where the things you WANT and NEED are.

But there is a problem. Those things are in a place called: T h e U n k n o w n

You do not want to head out into the chaos (the unknown) because you don't know how to survive it.

Is not that you are weak, or a coward, it is that you were never taught HOW.

You do not have the meta-skills​ necessary to impose ORDER where CHAOS reigns.

As you can see from the previous picture, inside the blue sphere, also referred as: "known" or "explored" territory, are RED areas.

Those red areas can be ignored so long as life is expanding around you.

So long as things are going well, you can kind of ignore.

The problem is that life will eventually, contract and head in the opposite direction.

When that happens, ​ the space you once thought of as stable and full or order...


Do you want to guess what will happen to those red areas full of bad patterns and old behaviors​?

Yep! You'll end up defeated and depressed and murdered under a pile of bad habits.

The worst part is that you were anxious the ENTIRE time before life actually collapsed on you.

That is because your intuition kept telling you that you had sh*t to deal with.

it was also telling you that you were NOT prepared to deal with unknown territory.

You need to KNOW that you have the skills to survive and thrive through ANY kind of chaos that comes your way.

Life becomes really amazing!

I have a free course for you which will turn chaos from this:

Into this:

it means you'll always to able to deal with a good deal of it, even when it's completely unknown.

I am going to teach you martial arts and street fight for the BRAIN all at once.

Sounds good?

Hello everyone, I am here with a WHOLE new series for you

You probably also feel that we did enough talking and it is time to actually do stuff and get shit done.

I have A LOT of things prepared for you and I am very excited to share them all here.

The main reason is because I understand this subject VERY well and I have a ton of experience with it.

Not just for myself, but also for students of all ages. From kids that were 7 to those writing a M.A thesis

As someone who has worked as a freelance consultant and has taught nearly every subject you can think of,

I am here today to share with you the skills that you can use across all fields in order to get more competent​.

If you develop just a small part of the skills I present here, you'll soon develop real SELF CONFIDENCE

The reason being that: Competence is about your ability to understand the big picture and . . .

The role that smaller tasks have in their accomplishment. You will learn how to prioritize tasks . . .

By understanding how to assess their impact. For example: Did you know that . . .

Tasks must be evaluated according to their urgency and importance in the long and short term?

This skills will transmit into EVERYTHING you do in life because they teach you how to use your pretty brain.

*wink wink*

I have a free course on Udemy (link in the description) that teaches you an overview in JUST 16 minutes.

1. What does it mean to be competent?

2. How does being competent help me deal with anxiety & insecurity?

3. What are the skills you need to become competent at anything?

4. what systems or software can you implement to become 10x more efficient today

5. what can you use for motivation?

6. How to be competent all the time, everywhere.

I know it says that these techniques can improve your efficiency by 10 times

But that is not exactly true.

If you go at it in a half-ass​ way and apply them for about a will get 10x more efficient at learning and working.

But if you find a way to dive deeper into them... you will find yourself unable to assess the gains.

I have seen the online courses on how to learn and be more efficient. I have also read all the famous books.

It is true that I made this entire 32 min course in 16 hours, just to see if I could do it.

I will still assure you that it far surpasses most of what it is out there which is not free.

Thank you for your time! ^^

Thank you for your time! ^^

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