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rosarlei 👊
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At this rate, we will need a miracle each day ^^

from Hell to Hallelujah -

I could create a "game" or a framework, to make your life into something incredible. (and I will)

But one of the problems with selling you on an idea is that won't buy it unless you HAVE to.

I have been thinking about this a lot

I believe I know why you don't have the life you know you should be having


The idea that human beings are dumb and irrational is NOT a good explanation

It is not helpful and it is self-deprecating in a way that is downright stupid

You have a "knowing" in you, a divinity which gives you access to any information you would need

Meaning, that I don't really have to give you a game or a framework to convince to play this thing.

The question I need to ask myself is this:

How come the divine aspect in you does not simply punch through and take the wheel of your life?

Because I know that you have all the answers you could possibly​ need about your life

But even that eternal self within you is going like:

"Shit...I don't mind the work and the sacrifices, but I am not thrilled about the crucifixion bit."

What I am starting to understand is that the reason people are not willing to speak truth,

And do the things that would lead them into a life that has meaning, is because they KNOW,

You know that the ideal human being is also the one who get's betrayed and horribly tortured.

That means that you have a VERY good reason not to live correctly, because you'll be fucked either way


As bad as the whole crucifixion bit seems to be, (Think Ned from GoT), the alternative seems worse.

What is the alternative?

The alternative is the time in which we lived in tribes and life was truly dangerous

And the alternative is also the events of the 20th century that took place during and after the war

I am all over the place today but bare with me for a sec.

In one of his lectures, J.B Peterson was talking about Freud and how modern psychologist hate on him

Because he was such a genius that most of his contributions became "self evident" knowledge

And now we are left with the things that were less right or wrong.

And instead of paying the proper respect, we bash on it and dismiss past generations are "stupid"

I think we do that because we look at "our" scientific advances and get a feeling of superiority.

Eventhough 99.9999% of the people do not even understand what "science" is or how it works.

Another example is a book like the Bible.

We really do not get that book at ALL, and I think I am starting to understand why that is.

It is the same reason why we look at the crusades or the medieval torturers as insane people.

But the truth is that those individuals inhabited a world which was WAY more dangerous

How dangerous?

Dangerous enough to take the crusades and make it into a large scale project

We can not simply dismiss what happened in the crusades as motivated by just power.

Some people are that way but nothing in society is driven by pure "power".

What I am trying to say is that the reason we do not understand why the past was SO violent,

Is because we SOMEHOW developed systems such as economics, politics, science religion, engineering....

Whose MAIN purpose is to keep the CHAOS at bay

Chaos as in: People eating babies and raping children

Because what It seems to me is that the potential for infinite growth comes at a VERY big price.

A human being is an agent of life capable of literally anything and everything, BUT...

If that potential is not perfectly developed, the human being will stray and lose it's way.

The undeveloped potential creates a hole and the entire thing collapses on to itself and implodes.

And because you are beyond complex, society, and culture HAVE to both oppress you and keep you alive.

But if you prove yourself and manage to do things correctly, then the world just get's out of the way

To conclude: We THINK we don't need religion or that society is unfair, because we are still living at "home"

People today are basically teenagers who feel entitled to everything they got and still hate on their parents

for not giving them more and more.

We think that the world is safe but that is because we don't understand either the world nor ourselves.

We have no idea how fragile our systems are and how easily things could do straight to hell.

WE seriously underestimate our capacity for evil and we confused being "good" with being afraid of evil.

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