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rosarlei 👊
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OK, this was weird.


So much work goes into layering who we are today

All the effort & daily dedication to create your "baseball"

And yet, it is only good for 6 pitches

If you REALLY hit it.

If you REALLY hit it. So don't go easy on it, there are plenty

Focus on hitting as many as you can every single day.

If you can't hit, just swing & do not take your eyes off the ball

Your goal is NOT to hit it out of the park, but to make sure that every swing improves the next

Power, speed, precision and recognition will come as a result of the work you do 10-20 years prior.

Your job right now is to nurture respect for the game, to deeply learn why it is the way, it is.

Never try to change the game

Instead, you change yourself according to what the game demands of you, so long as it does not weaken you

If you ever change the game for the better, it will be an accidental and indirect result from how well you played the original version

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