Part 1/2 A woman squeezed my bun the other day ...
Part 1/2

A woman squeezed 

my bun the other day ... bun stories

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Are you anxious and worried about your future? Come in here for a sec.
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Part 1/2 A woman squeezed my bun the other day ...

Last Friday I worked at a party. It was the 40th anniversary​ of Vogue Magazine and it took place here in Berlin.

The place was filled with celebrities, models and all sorts of important people.

Or so I was told... (I didn't recognize anyone)

At some point, I have a large tray of food on my hand and one of the people in charge approaches me.

As he was sharing some stuff about the event with me, I feel a hand vigorously fondling one of my ass cheeks.

This does not interrupt me in the least. As if it was some sort of a regular occurrence​. (it isn't)

I am still not done with the conversation when someone starts tapping on my hand from behind me.

So I finally turn around to face the 30 something year old woman who was trying to get my attention.

"Hey​, hey! I just wanted to say that it was me who was grabbing you bubble butt.

She actually used the word "bubble" to describe my butt. (I almost puked a little in my mouth right now)

I look at her and I say nothing.

"I just wanted to let you know that my grabbing of your butt was full of love and respect for you."

"I hope that's ok"

To which I replied:


Lady, of course,​

Lady, of course,​ I felt that.

You have nothing to worry about!

After all, you are a woman and you can do whatever you want.

Would you like another drink?

Why am I telling you this story and how is it related to anxiety about the future?

1. I needed a way to justify using today's prompt. 2. That's a good story. 3. It's proof that I walk my talk.

There are many reasons why you or someone else may be worried about the future. But not all reasons carry the same weight.

One of the biggest reasons people worry is because the voices of other people are louder than their own.

I stand here before you as someone who has walked away from countless profitable opportunities, simply because my intuition told me to.

To give you one example: Four years ago I was employed by the Deutsche Bank to conduct online trainings for their employees.

The job involved doing online seminars in English and Spanish for employees all around the world. The topic:

How to make the change from Lotus to Outlook. These are the software used for internal communication.

This process is known as "Change Management" and Consulting. And it is extremely challenging to carry out these projects in large organizations.

It also paid well. I was making 120€ the hour, right of the bat.

Compare that to what I earn today which is 12€ the hour.

Now, this was not the only opportunity I passed one.

Previously I had been offered the monetary resources and legal support to start my own learning center here in Berlin.

How that happened, is a story in it of itself. But the point is, I said: Thank you, but I will have to pass.

I have many, many similar stories in which I made decisions purely based on my intuition and nothing else.

I can do that and not worry because other people judgement and opinion about my actions, does not stop me from doing what I think is right.

When you act that way on a regular basis, it adds up exponentially. It gives you real self confidence and strength.

I am very ambitious, but I also understand that the things I want to achieve will take time and real effort.

The only way I can make the right choices is if I have that level of confidence.

Today, I want to share with you one single and very important lesson that I learned which will help you worry less right now.

Before I tell you that story, you'll be happy to know that even though I come from a family of hyper-successful people...

Who held high positions and made a lot of money. I have their respect and admiration for having the courage to do things my way.

Most people will NOT have 5 years of bad relationship with their parents, which is what it takes before they respect you for doing you.

Keep that in mind...

To read the rest of the story, go to part two.

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