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Why you (women) like bad guys
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About Vampires and Werewolf's

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It's easy for me to make a friend but it doesn't seem to last long enough

Subconsciously, I can not make up my mind about novelty vs relation

New people are sources of info. and I am drawn to "consume" them

I believe this is related to the nack we have to get into codependency

Some people won't allow themselves to be consumed, those I keep.

This needs a bit of context: It's very useful to pay attention and to watch yourself. The aim is to figure out what you are up to based on the result of your actions.

Do not count on your intention (yet) It's important and it plays an important role, but not until you become more mature. For now, look at the results of your actions, but don't judge.

It turns out that women are drawn to the following archetypical stories: Vampire, Werewolf, Pirate, Surgeon and Billionaire​.

If you are a girl reading this, you just blushed and/ or got a shiver.

Most of the girls here are (in my estimation) attracted to males who seem to embody the archetype of the Vampire and the Werewolf

My intuition says it is because you fantasize about being the one who can charm and calm the "monster" and invoke the Good in them.

It also means you don't like men or boys who can not be aggressive in any way, which is basically all the guys you "friend-zone"

A couple of things you might want to be attentive towards: 1. Don't feel guilty about not having feelings for the "Nice Guy"

The "Nice-Guy" is good for practicing your charming skills (be very careful with how you use them though) and for whatever other needs you may have. (basically a Pet)

I am not trying to be a prick about it. I am simply removing morality so we can be a bit more practical and realistic to have a better life.

This is not about being a "good" or a "bad" person, it is about being a human being which is complex beyond imagination.

OBVIOUSLY, what I am saying is not an excuse to behave like an idiot.

As I see it you have two LARGE vulnerabilities when it comes to your attraction to "bad" guys

For starters, you are too naive and you don't know what you are getting yourself into, at ALL

Which is normal and to be expected, but it can literally get you killed.

That's because the moment you start to put your charms on a boy (or a man) you are entering a Tug of War with their inner monster.

In case you didn't know, Naruto represents the Werewolf and Sasuke the Vampire/ Snake...

So, you will go in unaware of your real intentions and the depth of the thing you are trying to tame. And you won't be able to differentiate the right man from a lost cause

That is how so many women end up in abusive relationships

You never hear about the role or responsibility of women in those cases. You only hear about male aggression.

Which should already clue you in to what is going on. Because regardless of the situation, it is being created by the two.

The moment we blame and create a victim vs oppressor narrative to explain what is going on, we oversimplify to the point of detriment.

Because it teaches women that they are "helpless" and and it teaches men that they have no control over their capacity for aggression.

The truth is that is not YOUR job to help the men integrate their aggression. It is men who are supposed to use their feminine aspect to do it.

You are supposed to do the same with yourself

Let me know if you want more about this topic

PS: The psychopathic type will absolutely exploit your drive to "tame" the evil in them.

And it doesn't even need to be someone who is completely (sick) because everyone has tendencies to some degree.

That means that your own naivety is going to invoke and attract those things into your life.

I am not sure you can find a single "sensitive" girl who did not have a very abusive relationship at some point.

And came out concluding that "aggression" is always bad or negative.

No. It is the uncontrolled aggression which is negative. As dangerous as when you use your powers to seduce in an irresponsible manner.

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