15 - Weight
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controlled manic

15 - Weight

There is only one thing I can not live without and that is learning

The impulse in me is so strong, I seem unable to care about the normal

It makes others be either fascinated or weirdly affected

I need immense amounts of stimuli to feel whole and fulfilled

The best source is other people, but I can't get myself to trust


I realized that even if you can't trust others as much as you would like, you can still relate to their potential and work to improve it

It's hard to explain because I am once more reaching a tipping point in my growth.

As it happens I can feel all sort of contrasting and intense emotions in my body, one after the other.

Sometimes I let them have it's way. I call their bluff, so to speak. That usually ends up in some sort of a mess that I then need to clean up

But that is fine​ because I enjoy cleaning up my mess and I don't have the slightest issue when it comes to admitting my own faults.

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